How do you wear your Chanel scarves?

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  1. Petals12 just posted the cutest scarf that she just acquired and it got me to thinking about how you girls wear your scarves. I don't have any Chanel scarves, but think they are beautiful and maybe if I had some ideas on how to wear them I might get one....any pics from you fashionistas??
  2. The Hermes sub forum has a couple GREAT threads on scarves. I have a bunch of H scarves and only one CC scarf. I like it though - very light.
  3. Oh thanks I'll check out the Hermes section...
  4. i usually hang it loose around my neck, i don't have any chanel scarves, i only have mcqueen scarves (5 of them actually LOL i adore skulls i think they add a fab edgy look to the entire outfit, like - hey don't mess around with me!) and possibly might buy hermes and chanel scarves in the near future. i would tie a loose knot in the front below my chest area to keep the scarf in place if i know i am rushing for time (the scarf flies if you leave it hanging loose on your neck while walking quickly). you could use a nice sparkly brooch or scarf holder or you can also twirl it loosely round your neck once to leave it on?

    we should have modeling pictures showing how we wear scarves here!

  5. yes, we definitely should have some modeling pics like the Hermes girls have...maybe not a lot of us own Chanel scarves though:confused1:
  6. I have one Chanel scarf, but haven't used it yet. I have tried it on though, and used some of the Hermes ways of knotting it. It was cute!
  7. Anyone know of any good Chanel scarf re-sellers on eBay that sell authentic and have good track records??
  8. I feel another Chanel addiction coming on...
  9. oh no I hear ya! just started loving scarves, there are some truly gorgeous Hermes ones, haven't seen the Chanels yet!
  10. i have a square hermes scarf which i totally waste its beauty on just tying it on my chloe edith LOLLLL :roflmfao: i do need to pop into the hermes forum to see how the ladies do it!
  11. Yes!!
  12. I have one, let me see if I can dig up a pic.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. ^It is a very "light" scarf. Silk, but still lightweight.

    If you are new to scarves I would try the new Hermes anniversary size. They are a bit smaller and softer than the regular H scarves (I call them "big girl" scarves LOL!).

    Here are a few H scarves in the anniv. size. The H sub-forum has GREAT GREAT GREAT scarf threads!

  15. Oh, I saw a similar thread in the Hermes section, and sure would love one in here too!
    I usually hang mine loosely around my neck, or tied a semi-loose knot and wear the knot on the side.
    Maxter, thanks for posting your gorgeous H scares, I love the black/white one.:heart:
    I wish our Chanel in NM/Palo Alto carries more Chanel scarf though.:hrmm: