How do you wear your Cartier trinity ring?

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  1. Do you stack it or wear it alone?
    Middle finger or ring finger??

    So I’m thinking about buying a trinity ring because I feel like it’s a classic piece. I have smallish fingers (size 5)
    and am wondering how I’d wear it.

    How do you wear yours? Bonus points for pics :biggrin:
  2. Middle finger, left or right hand. I wear it solo.

    The ring helps add emphasis when a gesture is required... :angel:
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  3. I wear it on my middle finger usually IMG_1524189510.649952.jpg

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  4. I have the smallest one and wear it as a wedding band sometimes. I stack it with other bands and/or my e-ring.
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  5. Hello. I wear my Trinity ring on my ring finger of either hand. Sometimes I wear it solo but usually stack it with the JUC or Love rings.
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  6. I stack mine! I wear a thin rose gold, then a thin eternity band and then my trinity. I love it! I have always fidgeted with my rings (almost losing my ering), so the trinity is perfect! I love it...I'll try to find some pictures.
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  7. Alone on my right hand ring finger or occasionally in place of my wedding set.

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  8. Alone..its already causing friction with each other so i didnt want to add another lol. It looks better alone.
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  9. I wear my extra small Trinity ring with my platinum Love wedding band or as a pendant on a thin gold chain. I wear the small trinity with my e-ring as a wedding band sometimes, and I wear my classic size on my right ring finger. I don’t wear them all at the same time, but I enjoy wearing them. My favorite is the classic size. Good luck choosing your Trinity.
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  10. I tried using my trinity ring as a pendant instead and it was quite heavy. I was also worried that it might get broken with the weight and might scratch the insides of the ring as well so I didn't use it long.
  11. The extra small trinity is the only one I wear on the chain. The small one which I had intended to wear on the chain looked too big.
  12. So how many Trinity do you have exactly, three?
  13. I have three of them. I’m jonesing for the white gold and black ceramic one. I have arthritis, and my fingers change size during the day making many rings uncomfortable. The Trinity rings are easier to roll off than most other rings when my fingers swell.
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  14. D5FEA2FC-A25D-4136-B902-071407C59258.jpeg 3769832A-94C0-4869-BD3B-FCFD6ED16E93.jpeg I love the trinity!! I want another! It’s a great ring! Excited for you!!
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  15. I wear mine on right hand ring finger
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