How do you wear your canguro?

  1. HI everyone Im contemplating about getting a famiglia canguro. Just wanted to know how evryone wears it besides the obvious hip. And do you guys think its ok for folks with wide hips to wear it? My BF is not being a good help, he doesnt like pouches. I'm like it's not a pouch! Help me out!!! Thanks!
  2. you can sling it across your back but it might be a little tight
  3. I have wide hips... hasn't stopped me! Sometimes I wear it across my back too.
  4. I also sling across my back sometimes.
  5. if you have wide hips, try it on before you buy it. i'm a size 14/16 and it barely fits me.
  6. I have a cangurino and I sling it across my back too.

    I wish the straps didnt have to go through those metal loops.. It would be easier with some sort of buckle thing. idk thats just my opinion

    **Edit** I also remember reading that a fellow TPFer uses it as a purse organizer! Cute idea but I havent tried it myself..