how do you wear your bambino?

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  1. i've always been a big-bag girl, but lately ive been eyeing some bambinos. their shape is really cute, but i wonder about the straps. i see on the reference forum that its an "arm pit bag", so how do you bambino owners wear them? and do you consider it a good functioning bag? thanks!
  2. My friend wears in on her inner elbow and just carries it by hand
  3. It's perfect for just the essentials and to carry by hand :tup:
  4. anyone have any pictures of themselves holding one?
  5. i've carried it on my arm or just as a hand carry. it's too small for me to use under my arm pit. it's a fun little bag to have! =) i think dancing nancies posted a pic of her bambinos.. or were those bocces?
  6. I cant wear as an arm pit bag, but my daughter can- If i do use it, I also wear on my elbow- I can fit a lot it there.
  7. The bambino and dolce being "arm pit" bags are keeping me from buying them. They look so cute on the shelves though. I will have to see how the bambino looks on the crook of my arm; it's a little smaller than the normal arm bag.
  8. I never liked smaller bags, but I saw this inferno bambino that was way too cute to let go so I bought it. Oh I love it. You can wear it over your armpit or just inner elbow. But you have to be skinny enough to fit it over your shoulder. its cute like that. I love it!! so i bought one in lamore and hoping to do the same for the future prints. lol
  9. Go to the Great Bag Reference Post - bubblesung has a spiaggia bambino that she can fit over her shoulder :biggrin:
  10. I honestly hate the style, but it could be because I like to wear my bags with the strap on my shoulder and it stays under my arm...that thing is a real pain in the freakin ass. I hate myself for getting a bambino. I love my print placement of my spiaggia on it which is why I would never sell it...but dang I hate that bag style. I'll never buy it again. But, that's just my own personal opinion on the bag.
  11. i think bambinos are cute! its an armpit bag but at least it still fits so i'm ok. its really one of those bags you need to try on before buying. it fits alot too for its little shape :]
  12. i think they are adorable!!! can fit a lot too...but i do think it looks BETTER carried by hand or on the forearm/elbow... it shows it off more ... i think the bellas look better if ur looking for something with one strap for the shoulder... otherwise bambinos are great!!!!
  13. anyone have any pics? lol. i feel like i could ujse one, but i wanna see how it looks!
  14. I love my bambinos for when I don't want to carry too much... but I can carry all my essentials... especially for a quick trip out. I carry them in my hand or in the bend of my elbow.