how do you wear turqoise or brown over the knee stockings (from h and m)

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  1. i jjust got 2 pairs of over the knee stockings from h and m one is in tealish turqouise color (dark jewel toned) and one is in dark brown, how do i wear these? any outfit ideas? also, i got a pair of black over the knee leg warmers from aldo, any ideas for these too?
  2. i am wearing some to-the-knee stockings today but i haven't yet tried the over the knees.

    i might wear them layered! i love blue and brown together, and your two H&M pairs might look neat on top of each other. to minimize the risk of looking too schoolgirlish or hookerish, i think i might also wear them with a voluminous minidress or skirt and also underneath tall flat boots.