How do you wear the skinny jean trend...

  1. ...if you're not a size 2. I've heard it can be done, and in a very flattering way, but I haven't discovered it yet. I like the look, but I need some tips. Any help?
    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I go for jeans with a straight leg rather than super skinny...and I love wearing them with high heeled ankle boots, clogs or mules!
  3. with a longer top with a bit of volume, it gives it the look some balance. i wear them with mini dresses a lot of the time.
  4. i'm a 14 and i find that i LOVE skinny jeans - get a cut that's more straight than skintight and keep the tops loose and feminine to balance the look - i've got a bunch of above-the-knee jersey dresses from this summer that i cannot WAIT to layer with my skinnies and a cute button sweater once it cools off here (Georgia is not cool enough for jeans until, like, the end of October). this is also a great way to hide any insightly tummy buldge - it's very flattering!

    since i have to walk around campus all day, i'm going to wear mine with ballet flats and possibly tucked into a pair of Frye 'Dorado' boots (i've gotta go try them on and decide if i wanna drop the $500 on them). if you're not in the same situation, i'd get some round-toe or peep-toe heels to elongate your legs.
  5. I'm a UK size 10, and always felt i was a bit 'large' (not large as in large, but too large for skinny jeans, lol) to pull the look off, because i've only ever seen very slim women wear them - usually the hipster style jeans, worn with a long top, a wide belt over the top, and finished off with round toe flat pumps.

    But i've just read some great tips....time to go shopping again...?
    Any excuse...:graucho:
  6. On top of my skinnies I wear:
    Layered tanks under a camisole.
    A cute babydoll top/tunic/dress (my favorite look today)
    Sweaters of any kind for F/W
    and I will be pulling out my cashmere twinsets to pair with my skinnies. as well.

    For shoes (the important part) Iwear:
    Ballet flats
    Platform pumps
    Ankle boots with a heel
    Tall boots with a heel or wedge over the skinnies

    IMO shoes are a big part of pulling off the look, and skinnies look awful with sneakers of any kind (including designer)
  7. Thanks for all the tips, ladies!!! I've always thought of myself as average sized (sz 6), but skinny jeans make me feel really big! Can't wait to try out all the advice though!
  8. I was never a huge skinny jean fan, but I just recently bought two pairs and I'm starting to convert!!

    I think they look really good with layered tops or tunics/flowy tops. As far as shoes go, I think you need to go with one of the extremes -- either ballet flats or heels (boots or sandals).

    I had to try on several brands before I found one I liked that fit me (I was an athlete for a lot of my life and don't have super-skinny legs). I don't like super skinny jeans, but some of the straight-leg styles look good! I really like True Religion Johnnys and 7FAM Colettes. Those are good starter straight-leg jeans :smile:
  9. When I opened this, I must admit I was anti-Skinny jean, but after reading I think I am ready to give them another go. Thanks especially for mentioning its important to consider what shoe to pair them with!
  10. I think footwear is important, too.

    If you are conscious of the size of your hips and/or butt, tall, slouchy boots can help balance them (in the same way that the flare of the boot-cut did).

    Also, long, slightly voluminous tops, or knits, look good.
  11. you mean like if you were a size 10 or 12?

    i think, its doable. just don't chunk yourself too much in shoes and maybe keep the top kind of loose and show some cleavage or shoulders to break off that too tight look...