How do you wear a sheer shirt?

  1. How do you wear a sheet shirt other than with a camisole underneath? Looking for ideas. Thanks!

    Something like this.... (They had a under a v neck cardigan on the runway.)

  2. You could wear a fitted vest over the sheer shirt, a nice knitted one might look cute. I also wear a flesh colored shirt under it instead of its matching color.
  3. I think it would look nice with a pant suit. I'm a bit particular though, so I'd say the best suit would be either black or charcoal, and the blazer should have to be a bit longer, hitting around mid-thigh, with very thin lapels, and the pants should be slightly wide-legged, a very '70s Saint-Laurent look. Hope this helps!
  4. something light color fitted sleeveless but not too light..with a pencil cur skirt or fitted jeans..
  5. I would wear a cotton sleeveless (think argyle) vest over it.
  6. i'd go naked under it, with a pant suit as mr. couturiersuggested
  7. I wear them like this..

    Me on the right btw!

    This shirt I was wearing then wasn't really that sheer, but I wore it kinda tied up with a camisole top underneath it!

  8. D and G was showing a sheer black blouse this fall with an ocelot print bra underneath. It looked so good I bought it!
  9. Oh this is soooooo Chanel fw07! I've noticed Claudia Schieffer always pairs hers with a sleeves argyle on top. So chic!
  10. For a sheer black top, I'd wear a basic white tank top (kinda like a wife beater) with either jeans for a dressed down look or white linen pants with some accessories for a more dressed up look.

    For a sheer cream or white top, stick to a nude cami.
  11. ^^^
    i also love the look of a white tank under black.

    but there are so many ways to wear this, starting from a wide variety of tanks and bodice tops. you can even wear it under a corset or a fitted short vest and with a black pencil skirt and that would make an awesome evening look.
  12. A little different look that I might suggest.. Why not a super sharp waistcoat over this sheer shirt? Look for one that's completely black with pinstripes. Wear with wide legged trousers and chunky heels.

    It could look real good with a skirt suit as well. With such a peculiar look, I think a skirt suit from Vivienne Westwood would look fabulous.

  13. Everyones ideas are awesome but this is exactly what I do ^^^^ I am a little conservative :shame:. I love sheer shirts but I have a hard time finding ones I really like, I have only two.

  14. A beautiful, lacey camisole underneath. HTH.
  15. Thanks for the ideas!