How do you wear a fox fur scarf?

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  1. It's a long scarf... just like a long rectangle. There is no space to fold to two ends together and fold it down, no holes or anything. So they just kind of flop around unless I stuff it into my coat, but sometimes I don't want to wear it with a coat.

    How would you wear this? How would you hold the two ends together?
  2. A brooch? Or get a tailor to put a hole in it.
  3. It's kind of too wide for a brooch, but I would have really loved that idea.

    Can tailors put holes through fuuuurrr?? I think it really needs one every time I attempt to wear it.
  4. ^^I believe so, though I haven't had it done. Go to a good tailor, and they will at least tell you if they can't. Otherwise, try a place that sells furs? Last resort, safety pins may not be very elegant but would be covered by the fur.
  5. Don't put a hole in the fur! Instead have the tailor add a loup in fabric towards the bottom of the scarf, on the lining of the scarf, for you to pull the other end of the through. Does that make sense?
  6. I can't imagine it without seeing it really - a fur scarf is so luxurious though, congratulations on getting it. Mayeb take it into a furrier for advice? I am sure they'll give you an opinion (for free), the one I use in England is very helpful and friendly.
  7. Oh I see what you mean! That is such a wonderful idea. I might even give it a shot myself... am imagining like a thin piece of ribbon to hold it together or something.

    Any words of advice before I attempt it? I won't make it too permanent (maybe safety pin - or a few easy to remove stitches)...

    I wouldn't even know where to begin to find a furrier <-- is that the word? So funny! :P
  8. I have some scarves that have that, also one with extra ribbon on the end so that you can tie it togeter, but I think your scarf is so long that you might want to try to loup thing. Yeah, I would probably try it myself if I was you! I have a fox fur scarf that I never wore until this year because it has emerald colored satin straps, so maybe this will inspire me to change out the straps to black!
  9. what are the measurements? can you wrap it around your neck?
  10. In the 'Celebrity' section, the thread about Miroslava Duma has a photo of her wearing a LV rectangular scarf (monogram print) around her neck with a belt holding it on. I cannot remember which page it was on, so you may have to plough through the 1000+ posts, but it looked good.

    If it is slightly curved at the neck part it may be a tippett which is used in a similar way to a pashmina or even gilet; it is just draped for the evening. It sounds lovely.
  11. take it to your local furrier. they will help you wear it and even affix a fastener for you. a loop and button, hook and ring, or something provided by you.
    good luck
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