how do you wash your lingerie?

  1. i'm thinking about investing in some quality lingerie because i like the fit better. however i am SO bad about just throwing my stuff into the washer and dryer :Push: anything other than 6 pack white cotton hanes only lasts for about two months with that treatment. part of the problem is i forget to seperate it, but i also don't really know how to wash them any more gently....

    what do you ladies do?
  2. I have some pretty prada and feretti undies and I handwash them in the basin with a handwash lotion (I use woolite) but there are loads of specialist delicate washes, and leave them to dry inside (not outdoors as that discolours the silk)

    After a few washes though, I am of the opinion that life is too short and invariably put them in the machine, but on a delicate wash :biggrin:
  3. I used to handwash them using cold water and Zero laundry detergent, but I recent got a new washer that has a "Hand Washable" cycle, and it saves me a lot of time. I put my lingerie in seperate laundry pouches (those netted bags that zip up) so that the hooks don't damage other bras, and use Zero for detergent, and hang to dry.
  4. I put all my delicates in a mesh bag that has a zipper. I throw it into the machine and use woolite as the detergent. Then I hang dry them.
  5. i have a front loading washer and i use the hand wash cycle
  6. Hand wash, hang indoors to dry.
  7. I use this gentle powder detergent called "Forever New." I fill my bathroom sink with cool water and add a little bit of the detergent. Then I stick in a few pieces of the similar color family and let them sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then I rinse it all off. Blot with a towel. Then stick out towels on my kitchen table and let them dry. The excess water winds up on the towel instead of the table. I think the drip dry on a hanger can weigh stuff down, so I don't do that....
  8. ok.. confession - i'm lazy and handwash underwear in the shower
  9. lingerie bag for me
  10. I typically toss them in a lingerie bag and wash them in Woolite on the "Hand Wash" cycle in the washer. Then hang to dry.
  11. I either hand wash or put them in a mesh bag and throw it into the washer.
  12. for my extremely delicate stuff, I have a little mesh bag that zippers up. I put my "unmentionables" in there and put it in the wash with Woolite in the delicate cycle. works like a dream. I do that with bras too.
  13. it depends....for silk items, i handwash, for the other underwear i use that sack or i throw them with the other clothes!
  14. thanks all! looks like it's time to buy one of those little bag things. :smile:
  15. I always handwash my lingerie and avoid drying them in direct sunlight. Needless to say, the more set of lingerie you have, the longer they will last (less wear and tear).