How do you walk in flats??

  1. I own a few pairs of flats which i love, but i cant seem to walk in them without wanting to cry. The back of my foot (right above my heel) gets irritated and starts bleeding, leaving me with pain and an ugly scab the next day. Do any of you experience this??
  2. idk most of my flats are looser so i dont have that problem but i know my sis always has bruises and is bleeding.
  3. I gave up on flats years ago. Always made me feel like I was standing in a hole. LOL
  4. yes, looose flats!

    i do tend to walk funny in them though. lol
  5. I have the same problem. I swear heels are more comforable!
  6. I have no problems at all with wearing flats, they are so comfy. At least it is for me, i'm not a heels girl. Maybe you're just wearing one size too tight. :confused1:
  7. what if you put in heel slips that are super soft and grip the edge of your heel so that they're the ones ur skin touches, not the hard heel? dr scholls makes some..
  8. It's kind of hard to wear flats if you're used to heels. Heels make your tendons shrink and they stretch out too fast when you switch to flats.
  9. New flats tend to do that to my heels, especially patent leather or really stiff pairs. I just put a bandaid on the back of my heel and try to break in the flats as soon as possible!
  10. I don't have this problem with any of my flats, but all of mine are super soft leather. But for other shoes that rub my feet, I line the problem area with mole skin. It's basically adhesive-backed felt and it comes in a roll or a big sheet. You can cut it to the size and shape you need, then just stick it to the inside of the shoe and it should cut down on the irritation. You should be able to find it in any drug store in the "foot supply" section.
  11. I wear flats almost every day since I'm already so tall, and I haven't really had any problems. :smile:
  12. I say don't buy rigid back flats--those are the blister/bloody wound making flat shoes
  13. I am a heels girl. I have to have some type heel, very low or very high. However, i can not wear kitten heels. I feel like i may fall at any time.
  14. i used to have this problem with flats that are not that great quality. now i wear a lot of juicy/marc/coach/tory flats and don't have that problem anymore. i think it probably has to do with the leather.
  15. I agree. Most cheaper pairs (with stiffer leather) tend to do this. Also, I tend to buy loose rather than tight if I'm between sizes.

    I really like BP Edie flats at Nordstrom. They come in a lot of colors and fabrics, very high quality for the money, and are only $50. Never get blisters from these and I have walked miles in them.

    Also, if you can spend it Taryn Rose mades the most comfortable flats in the world. Most are dowdy but some are cute. Most of her shoes have arch support too. They run $400-500.