How do you waitlist?

  1. I called my local LV today to get on the waitlist for the Gold Miroir Heart. At first she told me to hold to see if they were even adding people right now, and when she came back she said yes, but the only thing she took down was my name and cell phone number. So I want to know - are you supposed to give your credit card information so that when it's available they will then charge it? Do they call you and you have to pick it up at the store or will they deliver? I haven't developed any close relationships with the SAs there so I'm hoping I don't get forgotten.
  2. From my experience, they just take your name & number. When the item is available, they call you to go to the store to pay & pick it up. They do not deliver. I'm not sure if you can prepay, anyone else know?
  3. they took my name, number and credit card number to waitlist for the mirror hearts and mirror cosmetic case
  4. Are you supposed to give your credit card information so that when it's available they will then charge it? Sometimes they will ask you for your CC number but most of the time they won't because many people are not "committed" to buying and often just list their name without any actual intention to buy it so SAs don't wanna do extra work ya know? lol However, you can offer to give them your CC number which will often bump you up the waitlist a bit.
    Do they call you and you have to pick it up at the store or will they deliver?
    Once it is your turn on the waitlist (ie the product may arrive but they won't call you because there are others ahead of the list; clarifying this point cuz some people will think that LV forgot about you which they won't cuz it's on the computer), they will call you first and they'll give you 2-3 days to pick it up or pay by phone or charge you right away on your CC if you gave your number. If you do not ask to have it delivered, then you need to pick it up. However, delivery may cost extra depending on how much you buy your relation/luck with the SA...etc
  5. It depends on how serious you are, and probably if you have a regular SA at your store. I WL'd for the Speedy Mirage and the Miroir Lockit, and they had my CC on file. I told them to go ahead and charge my card when they came in. It was pretty much a guarantee that way....
  6. I guess it depends on your situation. I have a good relationship with everyone at one boutique here. I just tell them what I want and they call when it's in. They hold it for me and then I go in and pay. Before I shopped at this boutique exclusively, I would give my CC # to make sure the other stores that didn't know me, would hold the item for me.
  7. My SA created a client # for me, as well. That is for their own control but it works wonders when they need to find you.
  8. I called Customer Relations and told them the store that I wanted to be WL'd at and they took my name, number and the store preference down. Not even thinking about it, I went into the local store here and talked to my SA and then the Miroir items came up and I asked about the WL. She was familiar with the Miroir items and we went over to the Manager and he told me that Customer Relations e-mailed him my info. He then showed me the e-mail and he put me into the computer. He and the Assistant Manager told me that I am first on the WL and they will let me know when they come in. They said I can take as much time as I want to make up my mind for the items, since I am first on the list.
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. really, what's the customer service #, i'm going to do the same thing. thanks!
  11. 866-884-8866 is the Customer Relations number! Good luck to you! :smile:
  12. when are the mirroir hearts coming out? and how much?

  13. They're supposed to be made available on Jan. 11th. My SA told me that the Miroir hearts and cosmetic bag will retail for about $375 USD.
  14. My new SA didn't need my CC info. She just put my name down and she called me the day when Tivoli came in. I need it to be delivered so it was only $10. CEC.LV4eva has good suggestion. Maybe i'll give her my CC info so I won't lose the heart when they come in.
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