How do you view closed ebay auctions?

  1. I've seen members post about viewing old auctions and seeing a pattern if someone is selling fake bags. I cannot figure out how to do this - any help?

  2. go to advanced search and search for ended auctions only or do a search by Bidder on Seller only. The Bidder or Seller searches give you the option of looking up their ended auctions.
  3. I think you can only view the auctions within the past 90 days. After that you just see the feedback.
  4. You also have to sign in to be able to do this. Correct?
  5. ^no idea, I'm never signed out:shrugs:
  6. teeeheh! sign of a true eBay addict!! neither am's the first thing i open in the morning and the last thing i close before powering down for the night.
  7. I think we can only view listings for the past 90 days and everything is gone...or at least not viewable anymore

  8. its normally me that posts fakes auctions and past auctions as a link!

    if you go to and to tools you can search a sellers id back to 120 days of sold items and it also reveals private auctions.

    eBay feedback shows 90 days
    goofbay can show upto 120 days