how do you utilize your mini pochette?

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  1. I've seen women and men of all ages purchasing the mini pochette. I ended up returning my azur pochette when it first came out for a regular sized pochette, and regretted the purchase since, so i'm curious to know how do you all use yours? Or do you not bother with this piece?
  2. I use mine as a wallet/wristlet. It fits everything my wallet would plus my phone. The only drawback with using it this way is the coins, which just get in the way! Otherwise, its very convenient and I love it!
  3. Use mine for business keys/jump drive and the 1001 macys discount cards!!....
  4. Wrislet for quick errands and daily inside my bags to hold my iPhone, clipa, gum and mono key pouch (which holds gift cards and coupons).
  5. I use mine for spare key, receipts, etc. It's like an extra pocket within my bags. If I decide I'm going out after work etc then I use it to hold the phone lipgloss.
  6. I dont have but as of late have been a wristlet kick..(coach) cheap and funcational.

    I have thought about the mini pochette and would use it as a wallet,
    Like someone said coins would be a pita but you coud put a cles in there(lots of room)
    but its also great for just needed the essentials and running out the door.

    You'd be amazed at what that little thing will hold. I'm not having luck finding a wapity s this is my next choice.
  7. Organizer/wallet... It's such an awesome little bag... :smile:
  8. I am thinking to get this little cutie. I have a regular pochette, it is actually very useful, I just put all the extra things which cannot fit into my wallet in there.

    I want a Azue now!
  9. I use mine with my eva strap for evening meals / BBQ's when i dont need to bring much with me. I also use it inside my larger bags for bits and bobs.

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  10. OH MY WORD!!!!!! This is a great idea. I didn't even think of that. Thanks for the tip. I had only planned on using my Eva strap with my Alma. This just made my day!

  11. I've been playing around with my mini since it's pretty new. I'm not sure if the contents or function will remain the same. I have used it in my larger bags as an extra pocket. It's held my iPhone, keys, flat ID wallet, chapstick, lipgloss, dental floss, and a rollerball perfume.
  12. Thanks :smile: I love that it makes it hands free so you dont have to worry about holding onto it!
  13. I use mine just for keys. I have three sets I have to keep track of and I like how with the mini pochette they are all in one place. Not searching for them in the bottom of my bag and always pulling out the wrong ones.
  14. I use mine as a grab and go wristlet. I carry my keys, phone, and a little card case for my cards/cash. So this way I don't have to haul a big bag around on these very hot summer days here in Texas.