how do you use your...

  1. Louis vuitton SAC HL? (MINI SPEEDY) i am thinking about getting one and i want to know how everyone else wears it or uses it. thanks so would be great too!!!:wlae: :graucho:
  2. I think this is the best way to use it:
  3. I use my MC white Mini HL as hand-held, or hang it on my wrist (cause I'm quite a small person). It's a great bag for night out or for clubs, it can held quite much stuff...
  4. I use it like this often but I also have a strap which is great for running around when you need both hands. I just have a mono canvas strap so it's less worry, it looks cute...
  5. How much does the long strap cost normally?
  6. Ditto with me too - it's such a cute bag, but I actually find it quite small (my wallet pretty mcuh takes up all the space!)
  7. I think it looks super cute with the strap! :yes: with small purses like that, I don't use a wallet, because like tweetie said, it takes up all the space!
  8. It looks so cute with the long strap! :heart:
  9. I can actually fit my koala card wallet, compact, cellphone, and lipgloss it it, I love it! I'm a small bag junkie though, they just work the best for me cause I carry around a large work bag all week long so it's silly for me to carry two large bags....then when the weekend comes all I need is the small bag. I of course have other large LV bags just b/c I fell in love with them, but I don't get nearly as much use out of them
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