How do you use your wristlets?

  1. I just bought a large soho wristlet. Now I feel silly since I can't figure out how I would use it, or what I would put in it. How do you carry it? Just dangling from the wrist? Like a clutch? How is this secure? Does this require constant maintanance of keeping it around your wrist? Doesn't it get in the way of, say, the grocery cart, or won't it get lost at the threatre/restaurant/wherever? Why wouldn't I just bring a regular size bag? What do you put in it? I also got a small (I think a typical size) wristlet. How would this be used differently from a large one? I have a skinny mini that carries my license and credit card and keys, so why do I need the other items??? (besides the obvious fact that the more the merrier?!?!?)

    How silly am I??? Need help!!! :noggin:
  2. Your post is just cute! LOL! Anyway, I carry mid-size bags and use my wristlet to hold my ink pens, smal note pad, calculator, mini sharpie and a small highlighter. I don't like my ink pens laying around inside my bag getting ink on my lining so use a wristlet for protection. If I used my wristlet for a clutch, I'd just keep it on my wrist and carry it that way so I didn't lose it. I hope that helps!
  3. I have 2 wristlets in my purse at all times.

    1) small wristlet that holds all of my lipglosses and chapsticks(I have entirely too many)

    2)Large wristlet that holds all of my sanitary things, Tampons in the small zipper(the wristlet has 2 zippers), hand gel, hand wipes, lotion, and anything else that includes keeping my germaphobe self happy ;)
  4. i use it for my makeup and little stuff here and there which might get lost in the bag otherwise
  5. I was using mine to keep makeup in, but sadly it wasn't big enough to also hold my hand cream, so I just use it as a wallet now. It's actually really convenient, believe it or not! I love it this way. It gets rid of some of the bulk in my bag!:p
  6. I use mine in my larger bag to hold all my chapsticks/lipglosses, a girl can never have too many!!!
  7. I am going to get a wristlet soon and am going to use for when I am going to on campus and have my backpack. I really cannot carry a purse with my laptop case/backpack so I want something that I can carry my wallet and a comb and cell phone. I'll stick it in my bag until I need to go out somewhere and then I can have a "purse" without carrying one.
  8. when i go out to the club I use mine like a clutch. in my bigger bags i use it like a wallet to hold smaller things (like a mini skinny, chapstick, pen etc).
  9. I used mine in my bags to hold cosmetic items. I've never taken it solo as I prefer a purse but some people use them that way and it seems like a great way to carry just a few essentials.
  10. Me too! I carry the important things in my wristlet inside my purse and when I don't want to carry my whole purse, I just pull out my wristlet and I am set go with just the small important NEEDED stuff. :okay:
  11. me too i use it as a wallet!
  12. Me too. I use it as a wallet. I just got the Bleecker wrislet and have my credit cards and cash in the main section. Then I put coins in the front part. It works great when I just want to run out quickly.
  13. I have 2 wristlets, a black leather and a khaki sig stripe, that I use as wallets inside of my bags. I really like a couple of the regular wallets but don't like paying that much or for some of them they are just a little too bulky. I think I'll end up with a wallet or two someday but for now, my wristlets work really well for me.
  14. I use mine as a wallet/pen holder. I keep my receipts in it so they aren't all over my bag haha
  15. i use mine as a "girly" stuff holder for that time of the month. One of my dearest friends gave me the idea since we are the only 2 chicks working with dudes. We don't want to take our purses each time to the restroom so the wristlets look like we are either going to the vending machines or touching up our make up;)