How do you use your Ulysee???

  1. Happy New Year my dear ladies!
    from a lovely friends of mine i got an après xmas present:ulysse pm agenda with blank papers.
    The agnda itself is very nice but i am worries not to get enough use of it.
    I actually use my middle sized Cartier agenda with calendar, phonebook and blank papers.
    Any ideas?
    i am a bit tempted to change it to a vision II. agenda...:s
  2. Is that the medium sized?? I have one with blank papers and use it for notes to myself...and a larger one I plan to use as a journal for any trips, etc. There are many options, but you know whether it will work for you...I love the calendar agendas as well!
  3. I have a mini and a GM - both with blank pages. the mini I take with me on vacation as a little travel journal. The GM is my daily journal - feels so great to write my thoughts on such lovely pages. HNE
  4. I have the small one and use it for notes to myself (to-do lists, grocery lists, stuff I will forget!) I also use the first page for important phone #s and addresses. It's indespensible because I have a bad memory. :p