How do you use your SGC if doing a phone order?

  1. I asked this under another thread, but thought many may wonder about this too (but not open that particular thread). I was told I would have to mail it to the SA about 2 weeks prior to the even if I wanted to use that way. What has been everyone else's esperience? I kept it and will go to my local Saks (which means I pay tax). TIA
  2. Yep You Have To Mail It If You Actually Want To Use It-they Need To Actually Scan It.. Its Messing Me All Up... I Have An Order That I Paying With 2 Seperate Cc- And They Only Way To Do- Is Purchase A Gift Card And Then Mail- Well I Am Too Late- And I Got To Work Wonders When I Call The Store Tomorrow..crap
  3. You HAVE to mail it in to your SA. I bought almost all my 6 Chanels via phone and everytime using a Saks GC. I mail it to my SA with his/her name in the Attn: line. He/she just sends me the bag with a brand new gift card in it! Bc I buy my bags everytime EGC is on. So I can get free True Religions or Paiges with the GC! Works perfectly. I love Saks!
  4. I just have my SA's hold on to the GC till my next purchase...its easier that way if u use the same SA.