How do you use your pochette?

  1. I have been considering the Mono Pochette, but I am wondering how versatile it is. Clearly, it can be used as a cosmetic case inside a larger bag, but can it also be carried as a small or clutch bag by itself? Or would that just look silly?

    Sadly, because there is no LV Boutique in my state (the closest is in Chicago, about 5 hours from here), I haven't had a chance to see it in person and try it on. The measurements make it seem large enough to carry as a clutch or small bag, but I am just looking for first-hand experience! Thanks!
  2. I use my Pochette as a clutch and I have an extender for it. I take it out when I don't want to carry a big purse around. It's also great when going on a trip - I have my large LV, but use the Pochette in the evening if going out to dinner. Usually carry a small wallet (sorry, not an LV wallet), cell phone, lip balm, and keys. I love it!!!
  3. You can definitely use this as a small clutch! That's how I use mine (as well as other members on the board). I love this little bag for shopping or going out. I can fit a cell, a wallet, a couple lipsticks, a skinny mirror, a pen, and my keys.

    Depending on your height, you may consider using an extender (the LV key ring). I'm too cheap to buy one though, but I can put it on my shoulder fine (I'm 5'4" 110-115 lbs).
  4. I always use mine as a little bag for essentials for short trips to the store, Starbucks etc. I always use an extender because that's how my first pochette was sold to me and I can't go without it now :lol:
    IMO they're too cute to be stowed away inside another bag :yes:
  5. I love my pouchette. Typically I stick it inside a larger bag, but I use it on its own to run around at lunch or in the evening. I can't belive how much I use this bag, even though I have quite a few moe expensive LV bags!!! I think you will love the pouchette -- it can fit a walet, cell phone, keys, lip stick -- all the basics:heart:
  6. I use it as a little clutch and also as a wallet in my BH. Mine has been in my collection since 99 and it wad the 2nd bag that I bought. Very versatile and you can actually hold quite a bunch of things in it!!!
  7. love it for quick errands
  8. ITA with all the ladies here it's great as a mini purse that is not too small for quick errands and doubles as an evening clutch. It's really adorable with the extender.
  9. Ditto...I use it for quick runs also.
  10. oohh i love that you posted this since I just bought one, and I cant wait till it arrives.. and its interesting to hear what other people use theirs as!.. im soo excited!!
  11. Im a big bag gal. So my pochette hardly used. Still for a quick dinner, opera show, lunch ... then home kinda event, I took them out. Or as a clutch. Or as a cosmetic bag.
  12. I use mine as a shoulder bag with the keychain/extender. I am not a big bag type of girl so I use it as an everyday bag. I plan on getting a damier one as well. I usually carry my cles, cell phone, small hairbrush, keys, lip gloss, powder compact, and gum. It really does fit a lot. :smile:
  13. As an accessory pochette inside of a larger bag or as a purse for quick jaunts.
  14. i've been considering buying the pochette as well...
    these are porbably some super stupid questions but....i'll risk it :smile:

    what is the extender? how much? where do you get it/any on eluxury? how much length does it add? what is the length of the strap w/out it?

    i've also seen gold chains on the mini pochettes...are those available on the regular sized accessory pochettes?

    thanks :smile:
  15. I now use my pochette as a makeup bag...and an emergency small bag if I need just can't fit all my daily essentials :sad: