How do you use your pochette?

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  1. I just bought a damier novona (pochette) and I never realized how small this bag is and I was wondering what everyone uses their pochette for. I willprobably use mine inside some of my larger bags, and maybe alone if I was going to somewhere where I didn't want a huge bag. Just share some ideas with me, thanks.
  2. I have a mono pouchette and I use it nearly everyday. I take it to work filled with keys, makeup, phone etc so I can quickly find stuff inside my bag. Sometimes I just carry the pouchette by itself if I don't have to take much that day. It is my most used piece!
  3. I use it when I go out, i put my keys, id, and my little round coin purse in it, as well as my cell phone!!
  4. i have the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. sometimes i use it as a makeup bag, and put it in a bigger bag. other times i use it as a shoulder bag when i go out at night.
  5. I use mine as a makeup bag....this is my 4th the size and it fits in all my bags.
  6. I have the white mc one and the ceresis one, and I love them. I use them mostly as a nighttime bag though if I am going out. I am also taking them on vacation with me next week so I don't have to lug around a big bag along with two kids (that should be loads of fun!)
  7. I carry mine in my speedy for makeup, etc. all my junk and love it!!
  8. I use it as a going out bag for evenings, as well as a pouch to put my wallet in, in a larger bag hooked onto the d-ring (especially open top bags, it's my "anti-theft" device ! ;)). I also like using it as a divider and extra pocket in my speedy.
  9. I use my mono pochette with the extender. Mostly when I dont have loads of junk to lug around. My wallet is to thick (not with money but reciepts). It takes up too much space and i can't fit much in it, just the keys and hp.
  10. I use it as a evening bag,and a bag to hang out with my friends (going to movies,mall ect)
  11. I have an Epi pochette and use it all the time when I'm not at uni and don't have to carry a lot of stuff
  12. I love the pochette.
  13. I use mine when I go to the movies or out with my girlfriends for drinks for $$$, phone, keys, etc.
  14. I have a Navona too, and I use it inside my Chelsea tote to hold all the things I would normally put inside a zipped pocket in my everyday bag: things I don't use all the time but like to carry with me, like dental floss, my nail polish in case I have time for a no-appointment-necessary pedicure, a small container of Advil, extra tube of chapstick, etc. Since the Chelsea only has one pocket, i use that pocket as my cell phone pocket and then I have the Navona attached to the d-ring and use that as my other "pocket."
  15. I use mine for the same reasons listed above ^^.

    In bigger bags, and alone to go to the movies.
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