How do you use your pochette?

  1. What do you do with your pochette accessoires? Not the mini pochette but the regular one.

    I've found that mine fits perfectly inside my damier speedy 25 and I keep all of my little stuff in it. I know, it's monogram and my Speedy is damier, but isn't that what they are made for? Am I the only one that does this? I've carried it over my shoulder with the extender but it seems... eh, I dunno.

    What do you do with yours?
  2. I don't have a PA but I'd love to get one and use it just as you do. I think it would make trading bags daily a lot easier! I wouldn't use it as a purse because I think it looks disproportionately small on me, but I've seen girls more petite than myself doing so and thought they looked cute. I've got to save up for a PA, they seem so handy.
  3. Makeup case Pencil case (lol)

    I usually use mine for a going-out-to-dinner bag
  4. ^^Very handy! I don't think it looks disproportionately small on me... I'm 5'8'' and about 135 lbs, so maybe it does lol but since I got away from demi-size bags I just can't bring myself to carry it over my shoulder except if I'm going out for a night and wearing brown-- and lately I've been carrying my little Speedy everywhere that I used to carry evening bags. LOL. Sad, I know. Just can't get enough of it!
  5. I use it as a little shoulder bag. Love the lightness of it, and layer with a messenger for my laptop, glasses, etc stuff that doesn't fit in the pochette. When I go places, I leave messenger in car, or leave messenger in office, but pochette goes everywhere with me. Since I found my grafitti was a fake,:wtf: All I have is my Panda pochette, wore her all last week, and enjoyed every day so much! Makes me want to just get mono pochette because I really love using this little bag, so light, comfy and perfect! Pochettes rule:yes: would love to have more, like the Charms...:drool:
  6. I use them as everyday bags...I love the way it fits under my arm and it holds a good amount of stuff. I am very petite so a lot of bigger bags look rediculous on me. My friend uses her pochette as a small case for make up, etc in her speedy 30. I think mix & match lv looks so nice together!
  7. i used mine as a clutch. i attach both ends of the strap to the d-ring on the one end and i can loop that around my wrist, though i don't really let it dangle. i'm pretty gentle w/ my bags. once in awhile i put it in my speedy 30, but typically it's used on it's own. i'm not comfortable using it as a makeup bag or anything because i don't want to mark it up inside. my makeup bags get pretty messy!

    since getting my wapity case i have been using that more on it's own at night if i need to ... holds my camera, phone, lip gloss, debit card, money, and keys well! :smile:
  8. I have 2, a mono and a black epi. I use them both everyday inside my purse to hold my junk. It makes it much easier to change bags daily. I also have a long mono strap for my mono pochette to wear it across my body if I want. I also use the black Epi one as a clutch.
  9. I use mine for quick errands or going out for drinks with the girls. I also love throwing it in a larger bag, too! I also use it when I go to the rink and don't want to bring a whole purse. Pochette stays in the trunk...she doesn't go with me to the locker room, LOL, just my keys!
  10. i use mine every day inside my speedy so that my make up and things arent rolling around in the bottom. i use it on its own if im going out anywhere and dont need a big bag.
    you can fit so much inside, right now i have in mine powder, blush, eight hour cream, medication,mascara, large make up brush, lipgloss, pen case and id badge for work and i can still zip it up.
  11. I use my mono one in my bigger purses, but LOVE the smaller ones for just using out as purses on their own. So handy, they just sit there on your shoulder and don't move, loves them!
  12. Good question! I'm very petite and I love my panda pochette, so I just bought a long strap on eBay and plan to use it as a small shoulder bag when I only have to carry keys, phone, and wallet
  13. I use it as my pencil case..:shame:
  14. I have the azur one. I use it inside my KEEPALL. On one occasion I used it as a clutch wallet.
  15. Here's how I have used my pochettes:

    1. My white and black MC ones I use a gold chain on them and use them as little evening bags...

    2. My mono one I use inside my very roomy speedy 40 to put things I need to find quickly

    3. My ancient and worn mono one I use for the beach inside the bigger beach bag

    4. My graffiti pochette one comes out during special events, since it's a LE

    5. I was going to get a damier azur one, but opted for an azur bag instead...but I think I want this now to put inside that huge Noé!!