How do you use your Pochette Cles?

  1. I just received my Groom Pochette Cles today and I'm trying to figure out how to use it. Putting my keys on it feels awkward and bulky. So how does everyone use theirs?
  2. Key chain, with the essentials for me :smile:
  3. Key chain with some cards and a few $$ of change for parking!!
  4. 2-3 cards, 1-2 folded bills, some coins, and 2 keys
  5. i dont have enough stuff for a wallet so i use mine (which is coach but will be replaced with the denim cles) i just put my lunch money and my debit card haha :biggrin:
  6. I just gt a groom cles today too! I have already put my work keys, 1 credit card, license, and a few $$

    Congrats on your cles:smile:
  7. I use my groom pochette as a keychain, and inside the zippered pocket I keep some extra money, change and a bus pass.
  8. I put money/coins, my cards & keys. I think it's a useful piece when you're on the go :yes:
  9. I use mine as a keychain!
  10. My keys are attached to the clip. I use the pouch part for coins, receipts, gift cards, and miscellaneous small papers. If I am just quickly running to the store down the street, I will put my money and driver's license in it and carry that instead of taking my bag.
  11. credit cards, driver's licence, iPod shuffle & USB drive.
  12. I use it as a wallet - 7 cards (cc/id/insurance) and some bills. I have a perfo cles, btw, so it fits a bit more than the regular cles.
  13. Keychain with the essentials!! I tried to go back to using a regular wallet, but it's just so handy to have my keys and cards together.
  14. i use mine as a mini wallet also!! cards, cash and coin....haven't put keys yet though....
  15. Groom cles, attached to d ring (taiga viktor right now) with house key, credit debit and target discount card (10% baby), ID and CaSH!!!