How do you use your Mini Skinny?

  1. I think the Mini Skinny is SO adorable, but I don't think much will fit in them & I'm trying to justify my new purchase! Here's what I'm thinking...driver's license, a couple of credit cards, a key, a few dollars maybe? :confused1:

    What do you use yours for?
  2. My cards actually didn't fit into the skinny itself, so I'd always tuck an ID and a credit card on either side, using the exterior pockets. I'd also throw a few dollars inside of the zipped part. This was when I could get away with carrying a demi as my whole purse.

    Now I use them either as change purses or for work where I need a certain ID card on me at all times (although not visible) and have a pocket to tuck it into.

    There are so many uses for it... you just have to get a bit creative!
  3. Right now mine has my Change. Sometimes I will stick my drivers license and credit card in there when I am going to the gym so I dont have to lug a whole purse with me.

    I love my mini skinny and Ive had it about 2 months and it is better than the wristlet to me.
  4. I LOVE my Mini Skinny

    I have TONS of "extra" cards I don't like to carry in my actual wallet like gift cards, insurance cards, business cards, club cards. I keep them in my Mini Skinny.

    Here is a photo


    It still has a slim look when zipped up

  5. I use mine either as wallets in small bags or to hold change and misc stuff.
  6. I use mine to hold change. I will ususally have one to match my wallet and I don't really like having loose change in my wallet so I put it in the mini skinny. I also use it to hold my license and debit card when I am going to lunch at my job. They are also great for the gym.
  7. goodness beljwl :smile: that skinny is stuffed hehe

    i use my punch stripe mini skinny for my razr phone its a perfect fit :smile: thats how i keep it from getting scratched and find it in my bag cause its too thin for me to find 1/2 the time but i can find the skinny ;)
  8. That's what I use it for.:yes:
  9. I stick my drivers license, debit card and school ID in the outside pocket, then a few dollars, some change and my supermarket club card on the inside. On the keyring, I have my gym membership, petclub cards, etc. It's really handy if you don't have to carry too much. I'm thinking now of getting a legacy stripe coin purse keyfob for my change since I like to buy coffee when I'm out and usually wind up paying in change because I'm poor.
  10. I use it as my mini wallet, for change, some cards and cash on days when I'm carrying my small bag. I love my leather signature skinny. It's leather and has got the logo C's on it. Wonder if they will make these again.
  11. Mine actually looks a lot like beljwl's! I use it for all those "extra" cards like store loyalty cards and also sometimes for coupons/gift cards and stuff like that. That way my wallet doesn't get overwhelmed with all that stuff. I actually find it really useful.
  12. great for college students!

    i put my school id/prox and room key (everything i need to get into my dorm).
  13. I don't carry a handbag when I work. I put my bills and maybe a credit card in it and put it in my pants pocket.
  14. My skinny holds my frequent buyer cards and cc that I don't use often. I also use a skinny for my license, cc, and money when I am going out with a wristlet.
  15. I use mine similar to many of the uses listed...

    I also use mine as a "wallet" when I carry a wristlet.
    It works perfectly. :yes: