How do you use your luna?

  1. I'm looking at lattegrl's foresta luna on eBay. I'm wondering how practical it is for me. How do you luna owners usually use them?

  2. I use it for weekend trips or an overnight road trip. I haven't used it on the plane and I don't plan on it. It looks kinda small but I was able to stash a huge amount of things in there. I think it's a great bag for traveling!
  3. good for a weekend bag...packs 2-3 days worth of clothes...good carryon item...i use it to go home every weekend =)
  4. same here, or i just toss a bunch of my kids stuff in there when we go out.. =) cute duffle bag!!
  5. oh my friend uses hers to the gym! =)
  6. I think it would be the perfect gym bag! :tup:
  7. Thanks a lot y'all...I think you've talked me into thinking about getting it more seriously (not that it was going to take much convincing)
  8. I just looked at the one you're thinking about and it has the most perfect placement I've ever seen :drool::drool:. I think you can't go wrong w/that purchase! :tup: Good luck!
  9. I know, I couldn't have asked for better placement. I really hope the price doesn't go up too much in the next day. Thanks for the wish of luck!!
  10. the gym?! eeks, wouldn't your friend be scared of it getting stolen? hence my aunt uses her FAKE tokidoki for gym purposes...
  11. I dunno! maybe she has a locker? I know she wouldn't just leave it out!
  12. :lol: Fake toki @ the gym!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    She might even carry it with her :idea: My BF carries his bag w/him while he works out. :shrugs:
  13. yeah. i wont leave it in the locker. anyone could break into your locker easily these days.

    I'd say for traveling.
  14. jen your bf is cool! n yah my aunt was like well if it gets stolen..i only lost $20
  15. If I did use it at the gym (if I get it that is), i don't think it would be stolen because no one knows what it is. I've come to the conclusion that I am the only person in the entire state of Louisiana to even know what tokidoki is:confused1:. I have called/visited every Macy's in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and as many boutique type places I could find and NO ONE had the faintest idea what I was talking about when I said tokidoki.:tdown: I guess that just means more for me when I finally find a place that carries toki:yahoo: