How Do You Use Your Large Ergo Tote?

  1. I just bought my large vintage ergo hobo and am IN LOVE with it! However, I think it needs a friend, and I'm debating getting the vintage ergo hobo to match. I'm thinking I could use the hobo as my handbag and the tote as my 'carry all my extra magazines/planner/kid goodies, etc' bag, plus they'd match if I used them together. So, here are my questions:

    1. How (and when) do you use your large Ergo tote?
    2. Do you think it could be part of a 'set' with my hobo?

    Would love to hear from ergo tote ladies, and a little enabling is just fine!:smile:
  2. I have the large vintage tote and love it. It's my everyday bag right now. It ROCKS. The leather is already starting to patina.

    I loved the look of the large hobo too, but decided to get it in turquoise instead of vintage leather because I wanted some variety.

    Yes I think it would make a lovely part of a set, and if you can afford both then go for it. But are you sure you don't want to get the large tote in turquoise or some other color?
  3. Yes, I'm considering the tote in the turqoise, too, but I usually gravitate toward brown/natural leather bags..if you looked in my closet, you'd shake your head...

    whiskey ali, natural slim tote, vintage ergo hobo, two more brown leather bags, and one rockin' red pebbled leather fossil to mix things up..

    Now, if Coach made a red leather ergo, I'd be all over that! I do love the turquoise--just trying to decide if the color is right for me..
  4. I'm the same way. For some reason I always tend to gravitate toward shades of brown.I love how rich they always look, and they're always in style.

    The turquoise was out of my normal accessory comfort zone, but I'm so happy I got it. It's an absolutely gorgeous shade, and it really is a neutral so would go with so much stuff. Plus, they don't often make colors like that so that was another selling point for me.
  5. I'm going to go tomorrow and check both out again...I can't decide, so I guess I'll have to try them're right, though, I probably should branch out a bit eh?:wlae:
  6. I have the largo signature ergo in khaki/mahogany and I use it as an everydag handbag. I like big bags so the size doesn't bother me. I actually just put it away on my closet shelf yesterday because I got an Ali.
  7. I love my Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote and the patina is gorgeous now. I love this bag so much that I am probably getting it in the turquoise as well. Just can't have too many Ergo's in my opinion. Good luck deciding on a color.
  8. I recommend a little color too! There's also the white one too although I'm partial to the turquoise. Now, you could always get the red patent beauty - that would jazz up your collection in an instant!
  9. I use my turquoise tote like an everyday bag. My few things are way down there in the bottom of the bag. But it comes in handy throughout the day, when I have papers, or small purchases. If you haul around a lot of things that fill up your bag a smaller matching hobo would be an ideal mate, even better would be a matching clutch. But I would not carry a large hobo along with a tote. I still have a hard time liking the look of a woman with a brief bag and a purse. It's just too much and looks cumbersome.

    If you are going to carry a large hobo and a tote together I would match the color. It will bring continuity to the overall look. You won't have to consider if one bag doesn't fit with an outfit.
  10. ^I guess I'm not very girly then. *LOL* Because I never match my bag to my outfit.
  11. I use my vintage vachetta tote all the time. In fact, I like it so much that I got another one in the white! I carry it with pretty much everything in the white...even to work now. It fits all my regular stuff, plus mail and magazines if I need to have those along. I love this bag!
  12. ^Isn't it awesome? I used mine when I flew back to San Diego a couple weeks ago. That was almost like a carryon bag in itself. It fit my water, and magazines, and snacks, plus a book and my normal purse stuff. And there was still a lot of room to spare. It's such a perfect bag. If I could afford to, I would totally buy it in another color!
  13. I'm girly, but not a matchy matchy either. A qualification might be in order . . . depending on the purpose . . . business/professional or casual. Carrying these two pieces in particular, together, the Ergo Tote and Hobo are classy and sophisticated, the simplicy and the beauty could be overshadowed by too much color, I would match the color of the bags if they are going to be carried together. I'm not narrow minded about fashion at all and a bit ecletic at times. With the right outfit two different colored bags could work and somehow the shoes should tie in too.

    I once read:
    Sometimes simplicity means knowing what cannot be left out.
  14. I went and tried this bag on today and am still trying to decide..with the PCE, the price is right (ok--maybe just a little better!), and I can see it being a great bag to haul my magazines/work stuff, etc. around, and the leather is really gorgeous!

    I also have the natural slim tote--I'm wondering if they're too simialr, but the slim tote doesn't have as much room, and I see it as a more dressy bag as opposed to a casual carryall... what do you think?
  15. Hey! You didn't mention the slim tote before! :nuts:You say you want this, and that together, but I also have this . . . hmmmm can you return the slim?If it's not adequate for what you carry I'd return it. I agree it is dressier than the tote. I might be getting confused . . . You have the Hobo and Slim at home? How do they look together. The tote can hold a lot it is apx 5" wide at the bottom.