How do you use your key pouch?

  1. I am considering buying the key pouch (I've attached a link to one):
    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Key Pouch Marc Jacobs

    I am a total sucker for cute things, and this is ADORABLE. :yes:

    So what do you use yours for? Credit cards? Change? Give me some ideas so I can justify this little cutie!!!

  2. Dawn you and I should be sisters!!! Every time you post It's like I'm reading my own mind lol!!! I use mine (MJ black w/ silver h/w) for store credit cards, gift cards etc....LOVE it!!! In the ZC I only keep my license, my credit card, business credit card, gas card etc....ESSENIALS..all other cards go in the key pouch!!!! I love mine and am SO glad I got it!!! Get it!!! Geez talk about bag twins!!!
  3. Mine only comes out when i am using a smaller purse and my larger wallet doesn't fit. So i throw in license, CCs, and cash.
  4. I'm a NY'er and I use mine to hold my Metro Card. It fits perfectly!:heart:
  5. I use it to hold credit cards and business cards that don't fit into my overstuff wallet
  6. I use this one for my debit card, credit card, driver's license, and business cards. It's ideal!
  7. ooh! I am so glad you asked this question dawn. I was thinking about getting one too. Glad to hear everyones response.