How do you use your key/change holder?

  1. Does anyone use it as a wallet instead of just for change/keys? I did for a little while but it is kinda small and I went back to a real wallet. Now it just sits in my drawer unloved. When I move to Toronto I am going to use it for TTC tokens. How do you guys use yours?
  2. My main reason for mine is to never lose my subway card! It works great for that! I also keep coffee cards (stamps for coffee) and my IDs in there, as well as $2 in change for the bus.
  3. I dont use mine :sad: but I love it so much, I wish I could find another use for it but its too small for change and notes. I guess I will have to get some more keys :smile:
  4. I use it as a keychain and I keep the cards I rarely use in it and my driver's licence in it for times when I dont feel like taking my wallet/bag with me when I go pick someone up! I also transfer my IDs and some cash in it when I go clubbing so that I dont have to bring my wallet, and it fits perfectly in my pochette! It is hands down the best LV accessory ive bought
  5. Thanks guys for your answers -- good ideas. And I did do a search but wanted newer/diff/possibly more answers.
  6. EDIT (to my last post) - so sorry LOL, I thought you meant the 4 key holder haha.

    I use the cles (key/change holder) all the time, its a great LV accessory. I :heart: it
  7. It's perfect for tokens. I use mine for the extra cards that can't go in my wallet. I also use is as a wallet when I use my Pochette Accessoires.
  8. my mono cles is my most FAVORITE LV thing I own... when I first got it I mainly used it as my wallet -I was using a diaper bag and it was just easy to keep my cc, license & money in it... but now that I don't use a diaper bag anymore I just keep my license and loose change in it... and my keys attached... still love it though!
  9. For those of you with more than one cles, do you use them all or do you use one and keep the rest in a drawer? I have the mono cles but am considering getting the amarante one because it is so pretty. I am just worried that one will remain unused.
  10. I have three (four counting the groom rond), I switch from the damier azur and the denim one as they go with everything. I like them matching my jeans with colour. I would get more, so hot !
  11. Thanks, Socialite. I need that little push. Elux has it available again now. :woohoo:
  12. Socialite, you're hysterical (and an enabler)! And Big Eyes, I was wondering the same thing. I wanted to get a vernis one as well, but I had to figure out how to use it first ...
  13. I would def. get more, im just waiting for the right ones! Azur will get too dirty for me, Damier felt too similar to my Mono one, but I might get one in the new Pink Epi!!
  14. P-B,
    Which vernis color are you interested in? Elux has the pearl and the amarante at the moment. I use my mono cles daily. I have my car keys on it and when I am just running out to drive my 15 year old somewhere or to do a quick errand I put my license in it and away I go.