How do you use your key chain?

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  1. Hi! I'm new here & am thinking about getting a key chain to go with my black epi speedy. Where do you fasten it? Does the key dangle outside the bag? Or is there a way to keep the keys inside? I'm having trouble visualizing this.
  2. What kind of key chain are you talking about? I got a key chain for Christmas that I am going to use as a bag charm not as I key ring

  3. I have the Pastel Pastilles bracelet, and I display it on my Damier Speedy 30, like so...

    I ALWAYS get compliments on both the bag and the charms!

    On my Azur Speedy 30, I have the amarante inclusion speedy keychain hanging from one of the outside handle ring thingies... but I don't ever put keys on it! It is strictly an adornment for the bag.
    Hey! I have a pic of that, too!
  4. Beth- I like the contrast of your colorful charm/bracelet on Damier Ebene and the dark Speedy key chain on the Azur.
    The bracelet idea is very creative btw, nice!
  5. This is how I use some of mine ....
    shop13.jpg shop15.jpg