How do you use your Handbag?

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  1. Does as anyone use their handbags based on the season, meaning color or weather? Which ones for what season and why?
  2. I have the same bag (MJ Stam) in 4 different colors and try to use one color each season. But it's more important for me to carry whatever I feel like on any given day based on my mood.

    I tend to use the brightest color (red, berry) in winter, to offset the dreary weather.
  3. I wish I was fashion savvy enough to follow the trends with colors, and styles that are in, but I'm not haha.. so I just buy and wear them as it suits me. ALTHOUGH, if I am going somewhere nice, I DO make a conscious effort to at least dress and accessorize appropriately.
  4. Everything is based on my mood of the day. :smile: Or sometimes, places I'm going to and whom I'm going to meet during the day.
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    The title of this thread makes me what to respond with: "Well, I don't wear it on my head, if that's what you're asking".

    But then, reading your actual post - :biggrin: - I would say I wear by season, with a color that reminds me of that season, if I can. I've got four bags... I am getting ready to change into a bag that is more 'Fall'-colored tomorrow ... but. I have recently purchased a silver metallic leather hobo bag (the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato in Armatura) and I'm undecided what season it may be ... perhaps it will be my Winter bag, because it will brighten those dark days and the holidays ...

    For Spring: BV Cervo Hobo in Magma
    For Summer: BV Intrecciato Medium Veneta in Nuvolato Paille
    For Fall: BV Cervo Hobo in Pekary Cigar
    And then for winter ... the BV Intrecciato Medium Veneta in Armatura
  6. I would like to say I wear bags all year round but I don't. I really love lighter coloured and lighter-hearted bags in the Summer. Only Silver and perhaps navy make all-round colours.


    Black, brown, silver, dark teal basically other dark colours. Leather, suede, nubuck, and velvety fabrics.


    Nude pink, Ivory. off-white, mid-light neutrals. I also don't mind prints, canvas, baskets in the Summer.

    My YSL Ivory Marjorelle is in exception. I do carry it all year round but it's not an everyday bag for me because of the colour either.
  7. Black, Black, Black and Black. Hard as I try, I just don't seem to feel "right" if my bag isn't black.
  8. I never used to worry about matching my bag to the season, I'd just carry whatever I felt like carrying, but I've found that recently I do tend to do this more often. For example I just don't feel right carrying my bright pink bag around now that it's Fall...
  9. For all day shopping/lunching trips, it's the Osprey large black mock croc.

    For short outings, I've got 3 small bags which I use according to my mood or what I need to fit into them - they're all different colours but I don't match my bag to mu outfit.
  10. I don't worry about using my bag based on the season. It is mostly about what I am going to do for the day or mood.
  11. I use my bag whenever I feel like it and I don't worry about what season it is.
  12. I choose the bag more based on the colour of the bag and how it goes with my outfit. In Winter I tend to wear more black so carry a black bag more often.