How Do You Use Your Hamptons?

  1. This is for all the ladies who have Hamptons you use them as everyday bags or do you use them mostly for work/going out?

    I've always wondered about this. With slouch bags being so big for so long, I sometimes still want a nice structured bag so I can find all my stuff. I have the large leather hamptons carryall but it's mostly used for work or dressing up. I suppose I could also wear it with jeans but I dress pretty casually most days.

    Would love to hear from you. Also, if anyone has the white/saddle tan leather hamptons carryall, how is it wearing? I love this bag but haven't been brave enough to buy it yet!
    coach 11332.jpg hamptons_white.jpg
  2. I have the Hamptons Stripe bag from last fall and I love it. I use it as an everyday bag. I love that it sits by itself and opens nicely so I can see everything. I have some of the slouchy bags, such as Carly, but I always go back to my Hamptons.

    BTW, I LOVE the white/saddle tan bag you are looking at! I too have considered that one but wondered about the white and how it would hold up.
  3. Almost all my Coach bags are Hamptons bags and I use them as everyday bags.
  4. I have a striped hamptons lg carryall and love the structure of the bag. It holds so much but it is easy to find stuff.
  5. I have a large carryall and use it every day. It doubles as my diaper bag. I'm strictly a jeans and t-shirt girl too so it's never dressed up.
  6. I use it as an everyday bag, but I also make a point to take the hamptons when im going to an interview or a business event.
  7. It's so gorgeous IRL, and I had a chance to buy it at the outlet (it was a store return) and I left it there (like an idiot) because I told myself it wasn't practical...hmph...

    I have yet to own a white bag but I might break my ban for that one because I have it in mahogany and it is gorgeous!

    I'm so glad to hear that you ladies are using them as everyday bags. I'm pretty casual and worried about that--I really love the ease of my slouchy bags but sometimes I tire of fishing around my endless pit looking for stuff KWIM?

    Anyone else wish to chime in? And include Pics? Would LOVE to see pics of your hamptons!
  8. Is that your bag in your avatar? Is it white? You must really put it through the paces since it doubles as a diaper bag (awesome). How is it holding up? I've always worried that I couldn't take care of a white bag but yours looks really gorgeous.:love:
  9. I have the carryall in red/coral and I use it as an everyday bag. I like the saddle/white but for me I thought the red coral ( its more burgandy then "red") is one I could wear with more things, I can wear it with black shoes or brown shoes, where as with saddle/white- I would not use it w/ black shoes. And I wear a lot of black.
  10. Do you have the medium or the large? Are you finding it comfortable to carry over your shoulder or is it a handcarry bag for you. BTW, the red is amazing, but I have a couple of red bags already so I wouldn't allow myself to get another one. I bet it dresses up anything amazingly and looks equally classy with jeans....

  11. The turquoise is pretty, I just personally don't think I'd get that much use out of it (for the money) even though I wear a lot of turquoise jewlery. As for the shoulder hang, well my Hamptons carryall will fit on my shoulder and if I need to be hands free for a moment I can hold her on my shoulder. BUT these bags are meant to be carried in hand, and I would not carry it on my shoulder except to get it out of my way for a minute or two, too long would not be comfortable.
  12. Do you have an outlet nearby? I saw a few of these--medium and large--at our local outlet--maybe store transfers? The color is gorgeous IRL, and coach's turquoise is the ultimate color neutral--it can be worn with just about anything. I don't know about the shoulder thing, though. Maybe someone else can chime in?
  13. I have the medium # 11330. The large would be way to big for me, I have plenty of room in the medium with room to spare. I carry a Bleecker clutch wallet, a small planner, eye glass case, brush, keys, cell phone, a lipstick and powder compact .
    I carry it mainly as a hand carry, but like I said I can put it on my shoulder and carry for a short time if need be, it just would not be comfortable to carry it on shoulder as the main way of carrying it.
  14. Yeah I work at the outlet near me, and we have several of them- its the color that got me! I usually don't go for structured styles, so thats whats holding me up- but its just such a gorgeous color that I keep lusting after it!