How do you use your Coach wristlets?

  1. Hi,

    I am new to Coach product line. I am fascinated with the Coach wristlets.

    In fact, I bought 4 wristlets but I find them a little annoying that they don't have internal separate compartments. I tried stuffing paper money and coins and a few credit cards inside the zippered pouches. I even own two Soho buckle wristlets with external pockets (powder pink and black, btw) and place my credit cards in there. I've carried them out a couple of times but decided to return to the safety of wallet for my money :cloud9:.

    The problem is that I just feel vulnerable without my wallet. I've carried wallets all my life and I am used to pulling out cards from the card holders or unzipping the change compartment for coins. It just feels odd to unzip the pouch and have all my cash, change, and cards all messed up inside. Therefore, I decided to purchase a Coach Legacy brass turnlock wallet as well. Currently, that is what I am using to store my credit cards and cash.

    So, are wristlets a poor woman's wallet or what's the story? I was thinking of placing little change purses inside the wristlets. Is that what Coach skinny(s) are for? I've seen women carrying nothing but their wristlets and I worry that if I did that, all my change would fall out. :shrugs:

    Please advise because I am gazing at these wristlets with little use. I don't want to end up using them as pencil cases. :confused1:

    Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions.

  2. I use wristlets to organize my bags. My mini skinnies have all the important cards in them so if I move to a smaller purse that doesn't fit my wallet I don't have a problem. Also my heys are on my mini skinnies. If you fold each bill into fourths then you can easily put money and change in the skinnies. The larger wristlets can hold skinnies and other essentials. I hope this helps!
  3. I use my wristlet for a wallet just because I can't justify spending over $200+ for a wallet... I don't think its a "poor womans wallet" what so ever.:confused1:.. I would never even have thought of it as that.:nogood:.. I use it because its more a conveinence thing for me... even though there aren't slots for cards, I like it because I can stuff my cell phone, chaptstick, cc's, etc in the wristlet and just grab and go and have everything with me...especially if I go somewhere where I don't want to carry my bag...I have other wallets that I can use w/my coach bags, but I think ever since I have bought one wristlet I just want to use wristlets instead because they come in such pretty colors and can be use as more than just a "wallet" but even a cosmetic case or whatever you chose to use it for... you could put a mini skinny inside a wristlet as well, but I don't tend to do that, I just use my mini skinny for change/cash
  4. I don't usually use a wristlet but when I have in the past I had it inside my bag to hold things like extra contacts, small lotion, tylenol, eye drops, tide to go pen, lip gloss, etc. It made it easier to organize the little things.. then on the very rare :rolleyes: occassion that dh and I would go out to a casino or somewhere that I would not want a bag (smoke, too big, etc) then I would put my drivers license and some cash in it and wear it out for the night. :tup:
  5. Great idea, fieldinspring, about using the wristlet to go to casinos! I hate gambling and lugging a huge bag around, not to mention having it smell like smoke when I'm done. :yucky:
  6. you should check out the "What's in my bag" thread! :tup:

    you'll get lots of inspiration there! especially all the entries with detailed pictures... and you can see what gorgeous little gems everyone has too! :heart:
  7. i use mine for cash, cards and handphone..i don't think it's a poor woman's wallet...IMO, I've seen plenty of girls with expensive wallets, but no cash inside and generally quite poor when it comes to the financial side..:shrugs:
  8. LOL! That reminds me of when I was about 13 and my friends and I would go to like Claire's to buy wallets and purses. But we'd use all our money to buy the wallet so there was never any money to put in them...
  9. I have a wallet and a skinny in my bag. I also have 2 wristlets in there. I use my wristlet to organize things in my bag. One has coupons and such and the other I keep with my bag too, but mostly empty. If sometimes I go out for lunch or to buy something quick and do not want to lug my bag, I can grab my cell, money, credit card, id and put it in the wristlet and go.
  10. I use two - one to carry my GPS unit and one to carry receipts, gift cards, insurance cards, etc. I LOVE THEM!!!
  11. I use mine mostly when I'm traveling for work. I try and pack carry-on only which includes a roller bag and my computer bag, which means I can't take a purse too, so I use a wristlet with ID, $$, credit cards, cell phone, etc...things I need between home/airport/hotel. It can clip to my computer bag and is readily accessible and doesn't count as another bag. It holds just enough for an evening out for dinner and isn't a distracting large bag when out with clients. My favorite one is an older one, I think it might be a bleeker, but it's larger than my others...more the size of the ergo/pleated wristlets in the boutiques now. It's just the right size for that purpose! Hope this helps!
  12. I most generally use mine to put my powder compact, lip gloss, lotion, nail file, etc in. It helps keep my purse organized and I feel better knowing those type things are secured in a separate bag inside my big bag- less likely to get on my actual purse. I also use it sometimes as others have mentioned if I just need to carry some cash, id, and cell phone. I think they have endless uses. Also works for a camera bag.
  13. I use various ones in my purse for makeup, hand lotion, floss, breath mints, camera, memory cards and battery, iPod and ear buds, whatever I don't want just rattling around in my purse. I also have one that I can throw my ID, CC, keys, cash, lip gloss and cell phone in when I have to make a mad dash out of the house for a quick errand. I love them!
  14. I love my wristlets. I put a miniskinny inside (for the money).
  15. I just bought a capacity wristlet, and everything fits in it, but I used to carry 2 wristlets one for ipod,headphones,cell phone adapter for car charger and a couple pens and a mechanical pencil, the other was hand lotion,tweezers, miss a kit, lip gloss and perfume. I used to use a mini skinny as a wallet but I also bought a wallet today so I transfered my wallet stuff to the wallet and my ipod and headphones to the mini skinny and everything else is in the capacity wristlet.