How do you use your Coach bags & accessories?!

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  1. I'm curious about how everyone uses their accessories! My favorite purse (thus far) is last years Khaki and Pink heritage Stripe collection. I had the small tote and recently found the medium tote. I've had the zip around matching wallet almost as long as I've had the small tote, and I've also had the matching wristlet. Today my ebay purchases began arriving! I now own the smaller matching wallet, and I have the skinny mini and cosmetic bag coming soon. My question now is: what is the best way to use everything?! Up until now, I used the zip around wallet for my membership cards (you know, hallmark, albertsons, etc) and cash/change. I used the wristlet to house my credit cards. I had another wristlet (not matching) that I kept my ipod in. I received a really cute skinny mini as a gift last year and have used that to carry the cc's I used daily, and keep receipts in the front pocket. (I'm sorry this post is getting sooo long!). ANyway, my thought now is to use my new smaller wallet for the cc's I used daily as well as cash/change. I'm moving my ipod to the matching wristlet, so now I have to figure out what to keep in my mini skinny and the cosmetic bag. Originally when I purchased the cosmetic bag, I was thinking of using it to keep my camera in. Any suggestions or great ideas?? Thanks!!