How do you use your cles

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  1. What do you keep in them?
  2. Use one for change and the other for my ear buds and gym card.
  3. Attached to my keys with driver's license, credit/debit cards, cash etc inside. Perfect for me if I run out quick and can always throw in my purse and I know where everything is.
  4. I use it as a card holder. :P
  5. I put my reward cards and gift cards in there. I used to use it for my most used cards (license, debit card, credit card, Sam's club card, a few gift cards, etc) as well as some cash. It holds a ton. I find it very useful. I have a pocket organizer that I use now for my most used cards.
  6. I attach my keys and I have my license and usually a credit card in the pouch. I really love it. It is by far my most favorite LV item ever.
  7. I carry 3 cles consistently, each with the following:

    1 - Lipstick, balm, migraine pills
    2 - Wipe packets, oil sheet, tissue
    3 - Cards and cash (I use the cles when I don't use my wallet.)
  8. As a wallet. I use the emp. Cles.
  9. I attach it to my car keys and toss in my debit card, driver's license, and health care card. It's awesome for the days when I just don't feel like carrying around a purse and wallet.
  10. I started keeping mine in the car full of spare change for parking, coffee, and car washes :P
  11. I use 3 cles everyday -- essential cards, non-essential cards, rewards/gift cards.
  12. I use mine everyday since I don't need a large wallet for quick runs. I keep my driver's license and bank cards.
  13. I use one for my work keys and ID badge. My other one I put my car key fob in it.
  14. I attach my car key fob and inside are my store rewards cards. I find it a very useful piece and I wouldn't want to be without it.
  15. I keep my door keys and cars keys. To I went really compacted added my debit card and this all went isn't my new mini Pochette xx