How do you use your cles?

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  1. Since I am a complete noob to LV, I am curious to know how you all use your cles.

    DH bought me a lovely vernis cles in pomme for Valentine's Day and I'm wondering how/what I should use it for.

  2. I have one for my iPod Nano and another for IDs, Subway cards and I keep $5 in it. A cles in Pomme, Amarante and Grenade are on my to-get list! :drool:

    You should also do a search, there's many threads on this! :yes:
  3. my car has keyless entry, so i stick the "key" in the pouch and use the keychain part to hold my house keys and mailbox key.
  4. There are a lot of topics on this.... if i had a cles, and i will get one soon, i would put cards, money and maybe my ipod shuffle in it. Keys on the outside.
  5. I have 2. A Mono Cles and a new Pomme Vernis pochette cles. I use them to hold all my extra cards.
  6. I put my credit cards, and other cards like my id as well as cash and receipts
  7. I have a azur, and I use it as my cards holder. Vernis cles is so pretty, you also can use it as dec.
  8. my mono cles is used for my extra cc and gift cards. And I always have a Vernis cles on the outside of my bag for decoration
  9. I don't have one yet but I'm going to get one in Azur very soon. I'm going to put my keys in it when I use my Trevi PM and as a "wallet" with cards and money when I use my small Pearl Lexington.
  10. i have a mono and a denim one. when i used to have a razr phone, i could fit it into my mono cles. the vernis holds less than the mono/azur/damier/denim ones, because they are made out of leather. or atleast thats what everyone says :smile: LOL. i use mine to carry my lunch money for school, and for extra change incase i dont have time to put it in my wallet, or if i feel lazy. bhaha
  11. i use my cles when i use my pochettes.
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