How do you USE your BV collection?

  1. Okay, so you have 3, 4 , 5 BV bags ( or a collection of different high end designer bags). You have laid out a ton of cash to quiet your bag cravings. How do you actually use your bags?

    Do you put them on a shelf and admire them?
    Do you rotate them, using one for a few days or weeks then go to the next bag?
    Do you use one bag for awhile, tire of it, then retire it to the dust bag on the closet shelf?
    Do you sell the bags you are tired of on eBay and then buy a new one?

    I do not have a real collection. Only 2 BVs. I tend to use one bag, non stop, for a year or so, then retire it to the dustbag in the closet. I then go to the newet bag and use it nonstop for a year or so.

    What do you do?
  2. Good question.

    I'm new to all this and up to a couple of months ago I just had one bag (black and boring) that I wore every day until it wore out, then I would get a new one and do it again.

    Now with my collection of four Montaignes and one LV which I have acquired in my recent buying frenzy, I decide based on the weather first (raining = LV, not raining = BV) and then based on what I am wearing I chose the colour BV for the day. So far I have used the nero the most, with the noce close behind. I was all set to take the carmino on its first outing last Friday but then it was pouring rain so no carmino yet...
  3. It all depends on my MOOD. And what I feel like. So it could range from a daily change to using one for weeks on end. Notwithstanding, the longest would not be more than 2 weeks. I get bored easily so I need change (stimulation). :upsidedown: :lol:
  4. I have 1 BV bag (so far). Because it is magnolia pink, I haven't had a chance to wear it during the winter. So, right now its on the shelf in its dustbag waiting for me. I have a wallet, makeup case, and card case that I use all the time. I had a Roma but, as much as I loved it, I sold it because I wasn't using it.

    I have a few bags that I rotate all the time. I have colorful bags and scarves and tend to match them. I have one "work horse" bag that I use whenever it snows or rains.
  5. I have twelve bags, two of which are BV and seven of which are LV. Collection is rounded out with a Botkier, a Kooba, and a Jimmy Choo.

    I love changing my bags and do so about once a week, though I do try to keep it seasonal and don't wear my spring bags (lighter color/material) in the winter (like my azur Saleya and my lichen Neo speedy).

    I have a couple of bags that are more special occasion and don't get taken out more than a few times a year. But I still LOVE them lots.

    My workhorse is my LV Saleya PM, followed by my Noce pyramid.

    But I really do love them all and try to carry them all at various points throughout the year.
  6. If the weather is bad I carry my LV piano cabas. If the weather is good I use my nero new ball bag the most followed by my noce tote. I have the new pyramid in scala and save it for when I wear browns. My first BV doesn't have a name but I call it my "function" bag. It's black, the perfect size (not too big, not too small) to carry what I need to 'functions' and the braided handle sits perfectly on my shoulder.
  7. Interesting thread! When I was working in an office full-time, I used to carry bags that would double as a briefcase (since I hate carrying briefcases). For a long time it was an LV Epi Lussac, which I still have. Then I started carrying somewhat smaller bags, the Chloe Paddington and Silverado, because they were just more fun. I got the Nancy Gonzalez croc tote in purple last year around this time and wore it non-stop until I got my BV Roma in October. And put that aside recently for the stud stamped hobo because the weather's been lousy and I don't have to worry about the leather quite so much.

    In the summer, I change bags more often, not sure why. But probably because it's a black winter coat for months, while in the summer I'd match bags to outfits a bit more. I think I also try to keep the guilt factor down (of having so many bags!) by trying to use them all at some point...
  8. I have waaaay too many bags (one day I'll get the desire and courage to sell some). I change bags anywhere from daily to a few times per week. As mistikat says, this cuts down on the guilt. There are some that are definitely hibernating over the winter, such as my quarzo Veneta and my white Darel. My black Ball is my go-to black bag, unless it's raining, then I've been using my black Kale.

    Basically, to give all my bags a workout I'd need more arms. But even if I wear a bag once every few months for me that's enough to keep it.
  9. I am embarrassed to count the number of bags I have. Seriously. And this is really the only place I can come where I don't feel like a total spendthrift for having them! As I somewhat jokingly tell people, "I don't own a car - but I do have a lot of really spiffy accessories!" I find that wearing them is one thing, but selling them when I no longer want them also poses problems. I hate selling bags on eBay (though I have sold a ton of other stuff) because it's very labour intensive. People rightfully ask for pictures of every nook and cranny and I've been told that authentic bags that I bought at the relevant boutique were fakes .... so it makes me very leery to sell there. But consignment shops take a huge chunk. One of the solutions I've found is an accessory swap, where people get together and trade for other items of approximate value. No money changes hands and you eliminate the stuff you no longer want while getting something you do....
  10. I change bags for work, at least once a week. Then for weekends, I tend to match my bags to my outfits. I give some of my older bags to my niece (but, not BV's). When I'm not using a bag, I tend to keep it stuffed in the dustbag.
  11. This is such a great topic! I have 3 BV bags and tend to baby them. My brown Balenciaga is my everyday work bag because my place of work is in a shipyard area and everything gets so darn dirty. Ferro would fit in nicely though.
    My magnolia and carmino come out on days off and for evenings out but I do peek at them often because they are so gorgeous.
  12. I think I'm like some others here who used to use a bag until it wore out then got a new one. But since I started on my BV addiction, that rule has gone out the window! I am happy to say that I use most of my 4 BV bags (eek! I have 4 BV bags in less than 1 year!) on a routine basis. My limo campana is my work bag, carry it everyday, love it! My ferro roma and carmino tote are for my days off when I either need to carry very little (mini tote) or carry lots of papers for appts (roma). The only bag I don't use much is my magnolia baby bag, but it doesn't matter because it was my first BV and holds a special place in my heart.
  13. This is a fun and interesting thread to read the different responses!

    I have a few work-horses like Chloe, Mulberry & Jimmy Choo for fall/winter, and some seasonal BVs primarily for spring/summer. Those I change every few days to get good rotation and enjoyment.

    Then I have a few sentimental bags (firsts/gifts) I know I will never use again but could never part with :shame: and they rarely peep out of their dustbags.

    Then I have some terrific classics that I LOVE, and I KNOW they are smart investments and tell myself I will never sell, but they really don't fit my everyday lifestyle - they just make me EXTREMELY HAPPY to own. This is what I do with those... I come home from work, put my day-bag down, and venture back to my wardrobe to pluck out a favorite I miss seeing, and then I actually carry that baby around the house for the night! LOL! It sits next to me on a chair while I'm on the computer, or in my lap when watching TV. I'll walk it down the hall and sometimes set it on the dresser to gaze at when falling asleep. DH thinks I'm nuts! LOL! What usually happens is I fall in love with the bag all over again and it confirms I made a great investment, and I put it back in its sleeper until next time. Sometimes though I realize perhaps it's not as wonderful as I thought, or it duplicates a season, color or style I already have and prefer. I try to determine that before I buy, but hey, bags-happen! So sometimes the I'll-never-sell bags go up for sale. I generally don't sell to purchase something new & untested - just to justify something I already bought and KNOW is worth keeping (for a while :graucho:).

    Still to be honest I miss the old days of having one bag too. Life would be so simple! I've learned to be a really smart shopper to take the sting out, but I admit I often feel guilt for not having enough time for all my "children".
  14. i am similar to ms piggy,
    it all depends on my mood....
    i have too many bags of different special preference as i love them all dearly....
    but the longest i will carry the same bag continously is one month...and after that, i get bored, so time for a change...
  15. I have way to many bags and I admit that they don't get to much sunlight because I'm a one bag at a time person at heart.:shrugs:
    I haven't used my ebano ball bag in over 7 months or my pyramid noce wasn't used once after I exchanged the faulty bag for a new one in August. I just brought her out today because I feel so guilty.:s
    I have a classic chanel which I bought for special occasions and I don't feel guilty about just using her once a year because that's why I got her for but with the rest...
    My mid-range bags like Botkier sasha, Belen Echandia get more use than my primadonna highend bags. I guess it's because I don't need to worry about them so much if they get scuffed or dirty a bit.
    *Sigh* I need to figure out a way to use my bags more. I already sold some bags and didn't replace them with another one I bought nice jewellery instead.
    But even though I don't use them much I do love them and with most of them it never crossed my mind to sell them especially not the classic bags like my BVs and Chanels because they stay in fashion for the next decades to come.:love: