How do you use your Birkin - open or closed

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  1. I see a lot of Birkins that have the straps closed and the flap inside. There is just enough room (barely) to get in and out of your birkin to access your purse etc.

    Do you use your Birkin like this ......

    or open straps when you want to get anything out .....

    or do you have it totally open with the sides flapping outwards ? A look I love, but not so safe in crowded places.
  2. open, straps dangling

    if in crowds, flap closed and turnlocked, but straps dangling underneath.
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    for safety , you can wear it like this
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  5. Exactly, it is not safe at all in crowded places, so I close them when I'm somewhere I don't feel comfortable with my bag completely open. But most of the time they are open.:smile:
  6. Mostly open, but definitely closed if in a crowded area (sticky fingers) or if I'm trying to look more "polished" :biggrin:
  7. Open, straps dangling, but not batwinged. I have an OCD habit of cinching the straps to avoid the batwing. Maybe I would batwing a 30, but the 35 is already big enough.

    Not in crowds much, but when I am, I close it up.
  8. I use mine open, batwinged with a zipped up bag organizer inside.
  9. I'm glad it's not just me who is OCD about the batwing thing. I'm forever cinching those straps in. LOL
  10. ^Oh good! Kindred spirits. :lolots:
  11. Open most of the time - I cinch the straps occasionally to prevent batwing. I close it in crowded situations. I've used the lock exactly once - leaving the jeweler with my best friend's future husband's wedding ring (taking my MOH honors seriously).

    I probably should close my bags in transit, but there is usually a shawl or scarf covering everything & my 35 turns into a travel tote stuffed with far too much to close comfortably - munchies, Airbook, Kindle, iPhone, lotion, socks (no bare feet for me at airline security), sunglasses, etc.
  12. Open.

    I never close/lock it up....
  13. ^Same. Mine's always open.
  14. Semi dressed, flap inside but straps done
  15. I use mine open most of the time, with straps dangling. Like others, I do tend to pull the straps closed but mostly in crowded areas. If I'm on the subway, I wear it close to my body and closed like the picture nyyparis posted above.