How do you use the accessory pouch?

  1. I'm not sure if this thread has been done already, but how do you use the accessory pouch?

    It said on eluxury that you can put it in another bag or something? but i'm going to use it separately...


    Is anyone's arm so skinny that you can put it over your shoulder. Blah. My arm is so fat and jiggly that I can't quite make it a shoulder bag.:crybaby:
  2. i put diapers and wipes in it.....then in my bigger bag!! haha :P

    i used to wear it to go out at night, there are so many use for this, i love them!! *i have 3 kinds...!*:tender: :heart:
  3. Do you mean the Pochette Accessoires? There is an extender available for the strap, which will make it a more comfortable fit. You can also take the strap off and use it as a clutch, or leave the strap on and carry by hand or in the crook of your arm.
  4. Yeah I collect them and use them as a small bag for going out; I never put it in any of my other bags.
    since the picture is so big, I'll just post the link to me with my Peach Graffiti one on my shoulder..I have the extender on it, by the way.
  5. I like to wear it on the shoulder for going out or just carry it if I'm running errands and need a small bag. I love the size for quick trips but since I think of it as a stand-alone bag, I personally haven't tried putting it inside another bag. That's the great thing, though- they suit whatever need you have for it at the moment!
  6. I use them for going it out to the clubs, movies, etc. when I don't need a huge bag.
  7. i have a long straps (mono & leather) as well.... they are awesome to go with the bag! :idea: :heart:
  8. This is so versatile...Can be used as a cosmetic pouch inside a large bag, a small pouch for night wear, and a clutch!!!
  9. i always wear mine to clubs/bars because i can fit all the essentials and keep it nicely tucked under my arm where it's safe :yes:
  10. i used to LOVE the pochettes, but that was when my arms were REALLY skinny
  11. I just bought the Epi Pochette. Mine fits over my arm. I'll use it for going out - dinner dates, clubs etc. Just not as an everyday bag.
  12. Mine fits comfortably on my shoulder as well, so i use it for going out when i want a small bag. On a day-to-day basis, I also use it as a bag inside my bigger Balenciaga for work, and I put my makeup and some pens in it, so it's easy to find.
  13. i don't carry them individually because i bring lots of essentials, even my minimum essentials still content a cles for money & card, 2 cells (one ig, one small), and my cigarette. i use my pochette to put some things like make up and necklaces inside my bIG handbag :P
  14. I have the mono and black MC pochettes and I use them either on their own when I'm going out (small strap on, I'm afraid I lose or drop mine if I carried as a clutch), or inside another bag. I love throwing my pochette into my speedy or Piano with makeup or if I went out and had my pochette with money and ID in it and then don't have time to change wallets the next day I'll just throw my pochette in the larger bag and no problem.

    Hmmm, sorry if this was too long of a run-on sentence :lol: .
  15. I use it as makeup bag in my Speedy 30. Or as a stand alone when I only need keys, cell and small wallet (like billfold)