How do you use purple bags?

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  1. All of my bags are neutrals - black, brown, grey. I am loving the it color this fall - purple and found a fabulous Fransisco Basia purple tote at Macys but I am not sure how to wear it. I see using it when wearing all black but what about other colors?

    What do you ladies use your purple bag with?

    Thanks for the suggestions
  2. I don't yet have a purple bag but think all sorts of less common colours can be surprisingly versatile and wearable. I think purple would be one of those great colours, so long as you don't predominantly wear orangey, brownish colours. To be honest though, I suspect purple could look good with most colours. And it's certainly fresher than blacks and browns.
  3. Purple is the new black, imho. I think purple could be used the way a red bag is used.:tup:
  4. ^ITA that purple is the new black (just like grey, to me). I have my purple bag ready for this fall :love:. My fall wardrobe is predominantly neutrals --- black, grey, navy. I think purple is versatile enough even for brighter summer outfits. I just don't want to use my bag yet because I love it so much I want it to be in great condition forever :P.
  5. I agree it's definitely the new red. Such a good alternative to black, gray, and brown; especially the deep purples.
  6. I got a purple LV this summer and I was facing the same problem I just didn't know what to wear it with, but I managed to wear it a couple of times! It looks really good on white!!
  7. I would wear puple with any other colour as long as your outfit is not toooooo colourful. I am having such a hard time looking for that purple leather purse right now.
  8. I think purple is surprisingly versatile as a purse color. As long as you don't go overboard with colors and accessories, it's easy to wear. I think it looks especially good with black, gray, white, and yellow, but paired carefully it can go with most colors.
  9. I agree with the other ladies. Purple is such a statement color so the rest of your outfit should be relatively simple.
  10. I wear purple with anything aside from red and even that is a personal just a preference. For instance, I would wear it with black, white, brown, green, grey, yellow, brown, orange and blue.

  11. I agree!!!
  12. I hate to be smart assy, but when I saw your post's title, I was so tempted to just leave a comment that said nothing except for something like "well, you generally put things like your wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag, etc., inside them so you can carry them easily with you throughout the day. you can then carry the bag in your hand or on your arm/shoulder."

    no I would say that purple is definately a great looks great with most colors I think if done properly.
  13. Agreed... I also love purple with green depending on the hue of each!
  14. I love purple bags. They work great with denim. I am not afraid to wear it with orange, and with yellow (but my coloring leans to orange and yellow). The only thing I have found that is really an issue are blue greens. Not so pleasant to look at together.

    That said, there are some great purples out this year, including a lovely plum that I saw at Coach today.
  15. I plan to carry a purple bag the way I would carry a black bag. Just pretend it's a neutral.