how do you use a zebra striped pouch?

  1. Hi guys!

    This is my first post! I just want to say it's fantastic to be amongst others who are as obsessed as I am about purses, specifically Coach. :lol:

    I couldn't resist the gold zebra striped pouch, but I was wondering if anyone uses it as a makeup pouch??? small purse? What do ya'll do with it??!!

  2. I loveeee that print! It's so cute. I could never fit anything "everyday" into it but it'd be a cute bag to grab and go because it would basically just fit my phone, wallet and some lipgloss. It would be cute for going out!
  3. I have two bags of that style...though differenet fabrics. I use them as purses. Its surprising how much fits in them!
  4. Yup! It fits the essentials and more! I have 2 leather ones that's the same size.
  5. I bought one intended for makeup (returned it though, thought it would get too dirty being white fabric) but I've seen lots of women wearing them as just small purses..quite cute.
  6. I have the new Coach Hamptons scribble pouch and i love it. It's great for everyday essentials and shopping.
  7. My friend uses this as a purse (different fabric). She can get a TON in there. She uses one of the Coach mini wallets with it.