how do you unwind?

  1. if you've followed any of my post this week lol you could see that i've been borderlining insanity. i cant take that anymore, i need to breathe and relax, but dont really know how, i mean 5 days a week 8-10 i take a two hour class and then mondays, wednesdays and saturdays i work till 8, and then need to study and do assignments, family life is driving me up the wall and then of course the usual load of asdfgasdfgjhgfda we all have to deal with.. i need to be able to unwind..for cheap lol. how do you all just let go? i thought it would be nice if we can just swap tricks or something. cause i've always believed we have the same amount of **** we all have to deal with, just in different levels corresponding with that indiviuals life.

    one of the things i do: ithink im going to go pick up a basketball and just shoot some free throws in the night, just to loosen up, i always did that as a kid. focus on the basket and nothing else.
  2. Aatri, I feel your pain, I have a pretty hectic schedule, too!

    To unwind, I pick up a game of tennis. Or I invite a good friend to lunch and unload on her: but I have to pay for her lunch in return! lol Fair trade, in my opinion.
  3. Yoga once a week.
  4. I jog. Preferable outside so I can take in the view. I do a lot of my thinking while I jog, while also letting out tension. If it's raining @#!%, I either jog on the treadmill or smash at the piano keys, lol!
  5. Okay, this may not be the best, but I like driving out to highways that don't have a lot of traffic and let my car rip.
  6. Magazines:tender: , I take a long bath, get in my bed with music playing, I put in a large stack of magazines:beach: . I have some classic issues of vogue, instyle and Bazar I look at over and over.

    Note: I am a southern girl at heart I love my Southern Livings, my mother, helped getting me hooked on these when I was stil in High School.
  7. Magazines

    Go to movie screenings (free)

    Go to the library

    Free concerts in the park (check local listings)

    Window shop

    Hang out at an outdoor cafe
  8. I like to have one agressive and one passive activity. For instance, a good workout would be agressive, and a good book would be passive. Both help you derail that crazy stress train you are on. Sex can either be passive or agressive, just depends what rocks your world....
  9. To unwind, I like to sit out in the patio in the backyard and watch the sunset and the stars come out (I love looking at the sky...), and play some of my favourite songs from my cds. That's perfect for me.
  10. I light some candles- my favorite scents, and lay in a hot bath.

    I also listen to music.
  11. I love crawling into a hot bath with a good book.
    Another all time fave is cruising in my car (this can backfire tho with the whole road rage thing lol)
    And then there is going to the local Starbucks/Barnes and Noble getting a coffee and curling up with a book.
    I am a reading fanatic so stress relief always tends to go that way.
  12. For me it's watching 80s movies! Nothing relieves stress like a good laugh!:yes: I have a HUGE collection of 80s DVDs.

  13. I :heart: 80s movies!!! Valley Girl was on the other night. Nic Cage is such a cutie! :love:
  14. 80's movies are the best!!! I love them!!! (and 80's music!!)

    For me I like to unwind by taking a hot bath, getting in pj's and watching episodes of Sex and The City or Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I know I'm a geek for loving that show lol).
  15. I veg in front of the TV with some series like gilmore girls or I go to bed and read a good entertaining book no Kafka.
    Sometimes I go for a walk all by myself around the lake.