How do you turn a HHH/S0 to a HLH/SO?

  1. Hi All,

    Well Christmas is around the corner and I know I will not get a glance of any orange from My HHSO - Hermes Hating SO. It got me thinking, he is not tight fisted by any stretch, he just cannot understand the brand and the costs etc. He thinks nothing of spending at Prada etc.

    I have noticed ladies and gents on this site with HLH/SO - Hermes Loving Husbands/SO and it is great to see!

    My question is how do you "turn" them around? I have read Knee Pads mentioned - (I have a bad knee, lol) Did you feed them something, buy them something, or was it a love from birth??

    Any tips will be great, I just know that my Hermes Journey can be speedier if there were 2 driving it on!Lol!

    Thanks X
  2. Buy him a non logo H belt. He'll change.
  3. mhmm never been in that situation but i would say what about explaining him why you love the brand etc. usually men want to see the wifey happy so they will give in. you know if momma ain´t happy noone is
    if that does not work divorce him and use the settlement to buy whatever your heart desires. or reat yourself with a HLL (hermes loving lover) :devil:
  4. Hmmm, feed him with Hermes cookies & milk every night. LOL ...

    My BF loves Hermes and he is fully aware of the price. He, for one, will definitely not spend money on Prada. He dislikes this brand somehow.

    Just tell him that good quality comes with a certain price tag. Anything Hermes can last for generations because of the craftsmanship, quality of the material used, etc.

    If it doesn't work, like what lilach has suggested, replace him with another one :graucho:.
  5. ROFL about the bad knee!

    Here ya go...


    But seriously tho'...I'm in jaw-dropped (not from *that*) shock that my husband recently became an HAH (A for approving, admiring).

    I am at a slight unfair advantage (psych. only but sadly not financially yet) because he's a born and raised Parisian but it still took work.

    Someone here (I can't remember the person but THANK YOU!!:flowers:) posted a link to a French broadcast about the Pantin workshop and OMG, my dh was sold. He even told me in an email that the H items were worth the money, etc etc, praised my Kelly and Birkin & I was like :wtf::graucho::yahoo:. For once, the whole proud gaulois thing flowed in my favor. Dieu Merci!

    He told me he was:rolleyes::yucky: abt Hermes at first because he associated it with 'mamis'/grandmothers and the equestrian & jewelery design scarves etc. (I do like some of those but he can't bear them...more work to do for me I guess)

    So I showed him lots of the other styles/designs etc. He even ordered me a Persona scarf in the green cw from Opportunites.

    Another funny thing (this might not make immediate sense but i'll try to explain the humor) when i first showed my husband the Vibrato Birkin i asked if his hands were clean before I handed it to him(crazy, I know, I've calmed down some).

    He asked if he should 'make wudu before approaching the bag or what?':lol:

    It's a ritual washing before prayer for Muslims (dh converted to Islam about 6 years ago).


    Maybe if you could find a way to stress the workmanship, history, durability, etc.? That seems to work for guys. That it's not something you'll be taking to the Salvation Army or posting to eBay next season he may have more 'faith'( accidental pun) in buying H items for you.
  6. Everytime you buy an Hermes item, you have great s@x with him... after a while, you will recognize the pattern and before you know it, he will be piling you with Hermes goodies just for that WOW session in bed....
  7. Make sure the intensity of the lovemaking is proportional to the value of the hermes goods received:

    Porosus birkin/kelly with diamonds: WOW infinity
    Bearn: WOWOWOW
    Bookmark: WOW
  8. Wow , thanks everyone for their suggestions!! I think some of them may work!
    Saligator - he has lots of belts, will show him some leathers and let him smell them.
    Lilach - Thanks, I have love him, so I cannot swop him!Lol!
    Pursenality - He loves chocolate cookies!
    Laboheme - thanks for the thermocare!Lol!! I think my bad knee is a mental problem!Lol! I will go into details about the heritage and see where I get
    Archangel - the problem is I would have to abstain for a while to do the Pavlov dogs method, he may think I am having an affair - which I am not.Lol!
    Maybe I could Yawn at first and then get happier when he sees me stroking something hermes.
    Who am I kidding! I am going to have to drum it into him and just show him my IT bags that I do not use much and see if that works!
    Thanks for all of your tips and advice everyone!xxxx
  9. ....I wish I knew the answer!!!:crybaby:None of the above solutions work with my DH!!LOLOL!! He's one of those childish guys that, out of principle, hate every thing you like!!!
  10. I don´t think mine can be turned. He doesn´t even get the hints. Just today he asked me to order something from H and he would pay for it. Kind of ruins the surprise..
  11. ^^Lol, in least you get some H, which is nice, mine would rather buy other things like smythsons.:crybaby: nothing against the brand, I just would prefer H.X
  12. Just point as something Hermes being carried by someone in a great style and say in a soft voice with that naive girlish look:girlsigh:: "Oh honey, doesn't she look gorgeous with her Hermes (something)?!" Being a possessor as all men are he will want you to have the same or even better. With mine it was like "Are you kidding me? You would look a hundred times better with that!". The rest is a history :p Voila
  13. ^^Lol! Thats funny!x
  14. Sammy, I think my Dh is on the turn! It has taken a long time! It has been a combination of a drip feed of:

    How I have wanted some Hermes for such a long time, that a birkin was a life time ambition etc

    How proud I am too have achieved the above and grateful for his part in it

    A lot of time explaining how they are the only brand that is hand made now, making them unique. The time and care taken to make them, drawing parallels with his love of classic cars...

    great sex after purchase!!!!