How do you trust store returns?

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  1. with all these fakes around and people returning bags to major department stores, how can you trust a bag that you buy from them? i normally don't question a bag's authenticity if i buy it at Nordstroms, etc, but isn't it possible that someone could return a fake at these stores? how do you get any comfort nowadays?
  2. I know, it's sad when an SA doesn't even give the bag a second glance when you return the bag. Just make sure whenever you purchase a bag from a dept store that you check it over thoroughly, esp for any damage or scratches. I really have no idea if they have a system in place to prevent fakes being returned in place of auth bags. I hope so!
  3. I totally understand your concerns. I think about that too; but, as long as you have a receipt, if the bag isn't authentic you can return it..most of the times anyway.
  4. if the bag is a fake, how would they return it. because they wouldn't have a receipt or tags for that store....what store would take a bag back that cost that much without AT LEAST tag? i dunno...jmo...
  5. i doubt there's some authenticity check procedure in place (sure wish there was). it gets me so nervous when i buy now because i keep fearing someone returned a fake bag. i'm no expert so i can't tell if it is or not. :s
  6. that's a good question! i hadn't even thought of it!!

    i think it's a possibility and there's no system to prevent fakes from being returned. and alot of SAs don't really check returns. perhaps also because they don't want to seem as though they are giving the customers a hard time.

    the only thing you can do is to look at it. if it's not the only piece left, get the SA to take out others for you so you can compare and see if they all look the same.

    you can always take pics of it and post it on the authentication thread to get double comfort. if the ladies here give the thumbs down, you can just return it to the store.... of course that opens another can of worms of whether you say anything about the bag being a fake.... that's a tough one...
  7. Yeah, I think I'll post pics if I have doubts. Thanks!
  8. you know, in my experience, most of the time, fake bags are easy to get tripped up by online, but in person, it's usually pretty obvious. the leather quality is totally different, the overall quality is extremely's usually pretty easy to tell. there are def. some great fakes out there that make it hard, but the bulk of them are just not even close to the real thing.
  9. You will be surprised to hear what 'bad apples' are capable of doing. A PFer got a fake Balenciaga bag from NM several months ago, the previous buyer bought a real bag and returned a fake one to the store.

    I am guessing that they dare returning fake items to a store that carries many brands assuming that SAs are mostly likely not specialized in the items as those in brand's actual boutique. I would bet that those 'bad apples' wouldn't dare to return fake bags to boutiques like LV, Chanel, Prada, MJ, etc. If there are concerns, the actual boutique is always the safest place to buy from.

    It's sad to see/hear what people would do: Return items that weren't purchased from a particular store, return used items, abuse price match policy, etc. With recent BG's 50% off sale on F/W 05 & F/W 06's selected Stams, I am not surprised to hear that some people attempted to ask Nordstrom SAs to price match Resort '06 or S/S 07 Stams. Stores will get stricter with returns/exchanges, price matches, etc.
  10. I used to work at Coach, and we had specific training to learn how to recognize the authenticity of a Coach bag. Also, within each Coach bag is a specific number that identifies that bag type.

    I had a couple of experiences where someone tried to exchange a fake, not knowing it was a fake b/c they got it as a gift. It was kinda hard to break the news to them..
  11. Thats a pretty scary thought, I always assummed that all SA's were trained to know the difference between fake & authentic bags. Can't they track down the person who returned the bag by the number on the ticket(ie. the little sticker they place on the bag when you purchase something):confused1:
  12. I can't find the original thread, but here's another post from PFer Valerieb:

  13. i totally's so unfortunate. many stores that used to have generous return/price match policies are tightening's only a matter of time before nordstrom does the same, which is a shame. i hate when a few ruin it for all of us :sad:
  14. I'd be more scared of buying a bag that's been used a few times and returned or something over buying a fake... .
  15. Yeah, it's always very sad to open a package for the bag you ordered only to see that it's been used.

    Just because alot of pple do it doesn't make it ok really.

    Even though most US stores have great return policies, alot of us are buying from outside the US which means making returns is alot alot harder.