How do you treat your muse???

  1. i'm curious.....i didn't treat mine yet because i wanted to ask you ladies first for advice.....:flowers: you treat the bag at all?
  2. I haven't treated it at all just yet but I've used a bit of lubriderm on a scratch I got.

    I have to order applegaurd though, once I get it I'm going to do a bit of treatment. That said. This bag takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin.
  3. I havent treat it yet but I have a bottle of Apple conditioner which I used it on all my LV, chloe and balenciaga leather handbag, I think it will be fine for my Muse too.
  4. where can i find appleguard? i live in europe/germany.....does anzone know if it is available here??

    Can you carry the muse when it's rainy outside???
  5. I didn't treat mine with anything except TLC :smile:) and definitely not when its raining outside.
  6. I have the olive (khaki) oversized Muse and it has water spots from when I got caught in a drizzle. Definately keep away from water if you have a lighter color, it will show! It looked pretty bad until I went into YSL and they gave me some stuff with a white glove for application. The water spots are still there but less prominent than before. The stuff the SA gave me is called Penguin Leather Lotion. My SA was suprised to see the water spots show so clear. Nevertheless, I ordered the RED and it will be here on Tuesday.
  7. thank you ej1972 for the information!! Now i will definitely NOT take out my muse when it is raining!!!
  8. Yes, don't, my SA said it is because it is hand-dyed several times, whatever that means. Go to YSL and ask them what you should use, maybe the SA will be nice and give you some stuff. They know what is best on their leather.
  9. the SA in the YSL store also warned me against getting caught in the rain with my muse because the water spots are really bound to show. they did recommend that I go to a nearby shoe repair store that sells a good leather protector.

    from what I hear, it seems that appleguard does a pretty good job in protecting leather. would anyone know where I can get this in Singapore?

    thanks in advance!
  10. hi Sachi. You can get a good leather protector from MasterFix at the basement at Paragon. I'm sure you know where it is. Just tell the guy that you want to get a leather protector. it's about S$15? i think.
    MasterFix is near delifrance, and is beside the dry cleaner's.
  11. I use Woly,a treatment available here in the UK - really seemed to make the leather smooshier and softer.
  12. I don't have one to treat yet, but when I get one, I will treat her like a Queen. LOL :smile:

    Seriously, I wouldn't take it out in the rain. Always keep a plastic bag tucked in the bottom in case you get caught in the rain.
  13. I haven't treated mine I just really consciously take loving care of it:smile: