How do you treat your bags?

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  1. I remembered something the other day that made me want to post this here. I once knew of a woman who bought piles of handbags but also built a big glass display case in her home and pretty much locked them away in there! (Hermes Birkins and Kellys, LV cherry blossom stuff, you name it.) She only used one or two and was just content to admire the rest in this shrine form!

    I also know some people who, when they buy bags, need to give them some "admiration time" before they start using them.

    I'm the opposite. I've been known to transfer my belongings into a new bag right in the car in the mall parking lot!!
    I'm very careful with my bags (and lal of my things) - each gets stored in its dustbag and rests on built-in closet shelving. But I USE my bags. I have no fear of enjoying them and taking them wherever I see fit. I try to keep my bags looking as new as possible, but also don't stress too much if they develop a little wear.

    So, how do you treat your bags?
  2. with dignity and respect and if they're good, I'll take them out to dinner - just one at a time.
  3. i definitely use my bags but i baby them so much. if i really like something i buy i won't even let someone else touch it because i'm so paranoid! lol. i realize things are going to get some wear though but at least by being careful i help them live a little longer!
  4. I treat my bags the exact same way you do, Greentea. I'm careful with them, store them properly, but they do get used! I'm known to switch handbags in the bathroom after buying a new one, or wear a new pair of shoes out of the department store after buying them :lol: I get so excited when I purchase something I really love, and I can't wait to use it :nuts: I could never just lock my bags away and stare at them. That's why I tend to choose bags that are great-looking, but also functional.
  5. I store them properly in boxes and dustbags :biggrin: I plan to have a display case built for them in my closet when I buy and/or design my own place. I think that would be lovely! :love:
  6. I take good care of mine. I keep them in dustbags and boxes, too. I never set them directly on the floor. Always on a chair or table. I don't use mine right away, but only because I use my bags in cycles. When one "cycle" is over, I used my new bag.
  7. I treat mine like baby's and years later they look brand new! I am nuts! I can honestly say I don't even like to put them in the cart at the food store.

    In the closet they have their own places, dust bags a must, and moisturized before they are put in the bag.

    I can see I really need to get over this.
  8. Pretty much what everyone else does...after use, I wipe them down and place them in their dust bag, I have them in order for quick and easy access along with a small catalog of my handbags (it contains the name of the handbag, the price and any other vital info.). My husband just shakes his head, :huh: everytime I pull out my catalog to chose a purse for the week.
  9. i definately use all of my bags.
    what's the point in shelling out so much money for a bag if you're only going to admire it.
  10. I beat up my everyday Chanel tote pretty hard. But generally I keep all my bags in good shape.
  11. Wow! A catalog? That's so cool!
  12. Sadly, I am like that woman you mentioned. :shame: My Speedy 40 hasn't been out yet. My brand new kate spades I have purchased since last year hasn't been out yet either. I've been using some lesser known and noname bags for a while now, maybe some kate spades I got from eBay that are in almost new condition. I know I will never sell them but it's definitely a bad habit. I am waiting for Shining Monkey to come so I can actually break this bad habit of mine and use my Speedy 40.
  13. Oh wow! that's great! I photograph them and have their pics uploaded on my computer, along with their official pics from websites... That way I can compare them, see them when they're all tucked under their covers... I mean dust bags :P
  14. I showed your quote to my husband,... it's proof that there are fanatics out there like me!! :lol: That's a good idea to place the website pic too. By the way, my husband asked me what is this number next to the purse pic and I just said...oh, it's just a item code....I didn't have the nerve to tell him it was the price of the handbag!
  15. use and abuse. :weird: If I remember I'll stick em in the dustbag...