How do you treat a cold?

i am now in rome and i have this terrible cold too and i got a good medicine called actifed: it frees your nose and makes the cold pass quickly but unfortunately makes you sleepy.
unfortunately i don't know which is the equivalent in usa...
if your throat is sore try getting eucalypt honey.
You poor thing,...there is no cure for a cold so you'll have to just let it run its course but, you can quicken it by drinking lots of water or tea ( drink until you can drink anymore) so that your body can flush out. Take aspirin or decongestants if you can, to relieve some symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.
I've also come down with a nasty bug. Sucks :suspiciou I usually get lots of rest, drink OJ and water, eat chicken soup or something else warm and comforting. I take Aleve during the day. TheraFlu also helps at night, it's kinda gross, but I put a little bit of sugar in there, and it helps it taste better. Curling up on the sofa with a blanket and some good movies also helps :biggrin:

Feel better soon!!
Umckaloabo helps it's an African roote. You can get it in liquid form and it supports your immune system. It really works. Pedeatrician perscribe it here in Germany. But best ist stay in bad take some aspirin and wait. I know with a cold the first days you feel really terrible. Hope you'll feel better soon!!!
Have you ever tried Airborne? It is probably too late for it to work for you with this cold, but it really works for me. You take it at the first sign of a cold or if you are going someplace with a lot of people. (I always take it before I go to volunteer in my son's classroom - total germ factory!) Anyway, it was developed by a teacher (and Oprah swears by it). You can buy it at Target, etc.

Hope you feel better soon.
ColdFX works as well. And if you want to get the same effects as Airbourne, just eat lots of vitamins.. that's what my pharmacist friend says, since it's basically just a vitamin cocktail. I usually just sleep my colds off.
If you have a sore throat, get some warm water and put in some salt. Mix it up and gargle it. Don't drink it though! The taste might be a little gross, but your throat will feel SO much better afterwards.
I agree with the others. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Airborn works really well. I also like the herbal brand call cold snap(you can usually find it at health stores). I hope you feel better!