How do You Travel ?

  1. How do you Travel to work or School ?

    or Do you Walk

    I take the Train (Subway ) :wacko: its a 15min ride.
  2. I have to take both bus and train to get to my school. It takes about 30 min. altogether :amuse:
  3. I walk. 45 minutes to the office and 45 minutes back home. Phew.
  4. Bus to school (about 20mins) and drive to work on the weekends(30min).
    If parking weren't so crazy expensive i would def drive to university.
  5. I take the tube and walk. Public transport is ridiculously expensive in London!
  6. I drive. It takes me about 35-40 minutes to get to work in the mornings, and about 45 minutes to get home. The traffic here is terrible :suspiciou
  7. Train + Bus - parking's too darned expensive.
  8. to work, I get up and sit down at my computer in my pajamas and robe.
    but I do have a car for doing errands & travelling.
  9. Car...I work at two hospitals and need to be able to get to either quickly.

    Most people here go by bike though,and I wish that i could,too :smile:
  10. I drive to work. It's a 20 mins drive. However, the drive to school is long, about 30-40 mins on Saturdays.
  11. Drive--in AZ that's what most people do. No public trans out in my part of the desert!
  12. Car to the train station. Train into the city.
  13. I drive to work... it takes about 15 mins.
  14. I take the Subway about 45 min. every morning. By the time I go home it normally takes an hour :sad:
  15. I take the bus
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