How do you track your bags

  1. Everyone,
    As a newbie Chanel addict, I was thinking I might need a system to track/log my Chanel purchases, especially since I'm buying vintage.

    Do any of you have a system (excel spreadsheet, database) for keeping track of important details? What details do you keep?

  2. I have an excel spreadsheet. I have close to 40 now and needed a way to see what I have at a glance and it also helps me with deciding if i have too many in the same color when I get rid of some.
    I have a column by brand name and underneath the rows is the style name of the bag. I change the text color to the color of the bag (or as close as I can get based on the color palette. I also but the cost of the bag on the spreadsheet and did totals as I was curious as to how much I spent on the collection.
  3. :nuts: Wow!

    You guys are organized!
    I just have a "bag closet" which is organized according to style and make.
  4. Holy moley!

    I guess I don't need a system since I only have 2 -4 designer bags!:lol:

    I could be a little OCD, so I can see if you have a lot of bags or some that arenot newer that a log would help though.
  5. I store all of mine in their boxes and take a picture of them to tape on the outside so I can find the one I want quicker. I just leave the card, receipt, etc. in the corresponding box.
  6. I keep a log book of my CHANEL purchases.
    I have a page for each bag that list where I purchased it, the S/A's name and phone number. I attach the tag & receipt to the page.
    I have not starting keeping a log for shoes and accessories. Although at this point I should or either STOP spending!!!!! LOL
  7. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  8. I guess I don't have enough bags to keep track of anything. Although there are some old ones, hidden away in closets, that I probably have forgotten about.
  9. I have a spreadsheet for my Chanels and's the easiest way for me.
  10. too.
  11. This thread is spooking me out! I'm scared, I want my mommy!
    Someone please come to my home and organize for me!!! We will start w/ all my PF paperwork! LOL