How do you to take care of your beloved Louboutins?


Feb 18, 2008
Can any of you ladies maybe give me some advice on caring for Louboutins? I went into a shoe boutique over here in Germany today and got her some black shoe polish for her kidskin Simples as well as some colorless patent leather shoe polish for her patent leather Louboutins. Both of those are the best there is when it comes to shoe polish here in Germany, so just good enough for Louboutins! :smile:

I also got her a shoetree to keep them in shape. Is that something any of you use at all? From what the shoe sales lady told me, both of these things are supposively a must, but of course she wants to sell her stuff, too. When it comes to my shoes, I use all of the above and they would definitely not stay as nice as they do if I wouldn't take that good care of them like that. But quite frankly, I've never seen anyone in the U.S. ever use those kind of things?

Maybe some of you have some specific advice on how to take care of your beloved Louboutins from one of the Louboutin boutiques around the world, as I'd think they will probably know best.

I attached a picture of the polishes I got for her as well as that shoetree thing I was talking about. I'm not exactly sure if "shoetree" is the right translation for what I mean, so I thought it'd probably be best if I just attached a picture! :smile:



Feb 18, 2008
Thanks so much Lavenderice for the link. I guess this thread can be deleted then, even though it didn't sound like too many shoes are getting treated well.

I can't believe people are painting their soles to keep the red! It's a leather sole, the red coat has to come off in order to get some grip with them when walking. Having a cobbler put on a red rubber sole I guess is an option to keep the signature red soles, but not painting them.

Also not too many people seem to be treating the the upper of their shoes other than maybe putting spray on it. When it comes to leather, which does includes patent leather as well, I think they need some form of fat to keep it soft and shiny and prevent it from breaking.

Well, I guess if anyone in the U.S. needs some of that polish, I can take some more over when I fly again in 3 weeks. It really has kept my Gucci shoes in like new condition over years - no breaks in the leather or anything - and it has a really great reputation over here in Germany.


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Dec 19, 2006
I don't think this post should be deleted. I'd like to know if anybody has additional tips to share. Maybe you should treat your GF shoes, tell us the results and there could possibly be takers for the polish afterwards.

If I were to use those shoe trees, I would need an awful lot! I have one pair of foam shoe trees from amazon that I have put in my nude patent yoyos. I chose that shoe because they very gently stretch the toebox.


Sep 8, 2007
I use APPLEGUARD Leather conditioner. I've used it on my Louis and Balenciaga without any problems and I m very happy with it.


Mar 18, 2007
That Collonil is a great brand.

I use that brand as well and their Waterstop line has been good to my suede and leathers... :tup:


Feb 25, 2008
Melbourne, AUS
I am waiting for some Apple products to reach me from the US, the shipping cost is not cheap but I am determined! I plan to use it to all my leather shoes and bag. I have heard lots of good feedback about them in this forum/sub-forum. But so far, I haven't been treating any of them. =(
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