How Do You Tip When You Are Treated To Something On The House ?

  1. How do you tip at a restaurant if you are treated to something on the house ? Do you still add the amount of free food or drinks to the total ?

    Are there any other exceptable gestures that would show your appreciation ? Does it have to be money ?
  2. I always add the free item on to the bill, just to show my thanks.
  3. Yes I tip on comped food....I dont know how anywhere else is but in oregon the free food is still taxed by the state and the server is expected to report a tip on it.
  4. I tip the total amount of everything served. Does that make sense?
  5. I would definitely tip on the full value of the food/drinks.
  6. Tip on full value.
  7. ^^ That's the words I was looking for, full value.
  8. It depends, if I'm given a coupon, let's say a buy one get one free, then I would tip based on the amount my meal would have been. If I am given something by the server, let's say a free glass of wine, then I tip on the bill plus 1/2 the amount of the free item.
  9. i always tip on the full amount, plus probably a few dollars extra for the waiter, if he's the one that arranged the free stuff.
  10. Me, too. And, having been a waitress in my youth, I know it is appreciated.:yes:
  11. I regularly go to this fabulous sushi place where for some reason the owner just adores me. He always sends out a really nice dish for free. Obviously, I can't tip the owner, but I always tip the waitresses the full amount for the dish on top of the 20% of what we ordered.
  12. I normally tip the cost of the meal.
  13. I normally tip the cost of the meal + the equivalent of the item given for free...that way it goes into the waiter/waitress's wallet instead of the restaurants!
  14. Yep thats what I do. If you dont, thats just tacky IMO!!!!
  15. i usually leave half to all the price of the free item in addition to the standard 20+ percent of the bill total. i figure i was going to spend that money anyway...this way the server has a nice night too. :smile:

    most people add the free item on their bill and tip on the total. :smile: