How do you tie your scarves?

  1. I'd love to know how everyone else wears them. My favorite ways are:

    1. fold diagonally into a triangle; roll or fold the long side toward the point to shorten to your taste; hold under your chin, point down; wrap the ends around so that they cross in back and meet again in front; tie in a square knot. looks good tucked into an open neck blouse or on a T-shirt turned so that the point is toward one shoulder and the tie toward the other.

    2. fold opposite points toward the center (to keep the ends from falling out); fold new short sides toward center and repeat until you have a long folded strip about three inches wide; wrap around neck once and tie in a square knot; turn so that one long end falls in front of shoulder and one behind.

    3. same folding pattern as 2 above; hold behind neck and bring ends to front; take right end over left and then back under it; left end goes back on the left and right goes back on the right; tie in a square knot behind the neck. looks pretty with either the knot or the twist in the front. wear with a long strand of pearls!
  2. i can't remember who but someone posted a pic of them wearing this outstanding fluffy bow on their neck. it was perfection!!! i prefer fluffy, romantic ways of wearing the scarf, but the ones you listed sound extremely chic. and there are great ideas on the hermes site (playtime with your scarf pdf file available on
  3. Oh dear God, I WISH I could tie my scarves into anything that remotely resembles what you've just described! I love these scarves but I am lost case when it comes to tying them....

    Shopmom's scarf tying instructions:

    Bunch scarf so that it's got two pointy ends. Try to toss it casually around the neck into something that gives off the impression of having worked on it for a long time. Then put on coat with scarf tucked inside and go.

    OR my other favorite,

    Roll up scarf the long way and tuck both ends into a scarf ring.

    That's it. Scary I know.
  4. ^lmao!!!!
  5. I just learned how to tie a tie from the Hermes site. And I love how the scarf tie look! so chic!
  6. shopmom, you made me laugh so hard it came out as a snort! real classy, eh? should go well with my new kelly . . .
  7. ^LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. This is my favourite one. They should put this in the next scarf-tying booklet.....can you imagine the diagrams......:roflmfao:

    Sorry for having a laugh at your expense, D........
  9. I think it was Joanna that posted her fabulous Scarf pics.
  10. I use the Girl Scout knot, right over left and left over right. It works every time and you have a beautiful square knot.

    For plisse, if you have a scarf ring you can try this one: place scarf on neck with the two long pointy ends hanging down in front. Pinch silk about half way up, from the edge of each long side and pull thru ring. It will give you a great bow look. I like to wear it to the side because straight in front looks a little too Minnie Mouse.
  11. Dressage Queen, Grace Kelly and Shopmom (!), it would be great if you could post photos of how you wear your scarves. I'm always looking for new ideas! Many thanks.
  12. please please please
  13. .......I'm really not sure you want to see mine. I swear my scarf tying abilities are next to nil and I might just give up the ghost and frame them instead!
  14. LOLOLOL!!!
    This was such a fun post to wake up to this morning.
    I usually wear mine as a thick headband/headscarf or a belt with jeans.
  15. I would love to see photos.

    I am hopeless with my scarf. I've worn it in my hair and that's about it.