How do you tie your bandeau?

  1. I got a red groom bandeau for Christmas and want to tie him on my red epi speedy 25.

    Does anyone have any pics?
  2. I got one to and as yet I have never used it I just can't figure out the best way to fold it
  3. it's kind of long. that;s the only thing holdingme back from buying it. other than using it as a belt, i dunno what you would do! it's a bit to long for hair and a little big on a bag. can't wait to see some pix from the members tho.
  4. tie it like a scarf.
    fold it in half, then loop around your handle and put the loose end through the folded part.

    if its still too long,fold in half and tie it in a bow.
  5. I make a bow.
  6. yup - i tie mine like a bow too.
  7. So cute, & the groom is in just the right place to do this.
  8. oh boku you have the red fleur too! i just got it and was debating returning it! looks FANTASTIC on your gucci abby!
  9. I do the first one (fold in half, then loop around...etc) then I tie the remainder in a bow! :yes: I have the black MC tied to my black Epi cute! ;)
  10. Thanks for the tips. I will try a few today and post some pics. I was hoping more people would have pictures of their bandeaus on their bags.
  11. here are my ways of using the red groom bandeau (see also in the groom club) i don't think its too's just perfect

    :heart: groom:heart:
    groom bagcharm.JPG groom belt.JPG groom scarf.JPG
  12. I like the bow idea alot! I also use mine as a belt ..looks cute!
  13. Maxter,
    I don't have a speedy..but this is how I tie my groom bandeau on my horizontal lockit.
    Honestly, I didn't even know how to make the perfect you can see there..:p But I still have strangers told me it looks great..
    Oh yeah, I slot in through the handle's ring first (not just tie on the handle itself), so in case if it gets untie accidentally, it would still securely hang on the ring..

    (P.s: Ignore the other stuffs cos this pic was taken on my trip..):p
    TRIP_NOV.jpg CLOSEUP.jpg
  14. Here is it on an Alma, the pics are from kk's website.